In the early stages to determine the stood pregnancy itself is almost impossible. No special symptoms are detected. However, if you have had severe morning sickness that suddenly stopped, then do not wait for the appointed time of the visit in consultation, and contact your doctor as soon as possible. He will prescribe additional tests to make sure everything is in order.
With a slight increase in temperature will also reach out to doctors. If you do not feel any diseases that could raise your temperature, it may be the result of missed abortion. Only gynecologist will be able to listen to the fetal heartbeat and to make sure no violations.
At a later date if you missed abortion you will feel a dull pain in the abdomen or lower back, you may have some mild spotting.
The most important symptom in the later stages is the absence of fetal movements. If you regularly feel your little kicks and rolls inside, then frozen pregnancy no movement will be gone. Pay close attention and at the slightest suspicion, immediately contact the advice. Just do not think that the child should hourly to actively Express themselves. Because it obeys its own rhythms of rest and wakefulness.
At the slightest disturbance of health, contact your doctor immediately. If the heartbeat of the fetus is not bugged, you must prescribe ultrasound examination and a blood test.
If further surveys show a cessation of perturbations, after a few days they are administered repeatedly. Take seriously their passage. Only when reaffirmation is determined by the final sinking of pregnancy. Then the doctor decides to conduct an operation to its termination.
If the doctors determined the need for surgical intervention, immediately agree to the surgery. Here every minute counts. Because each day is an increasing poisoning of your body, chances of blood poisoning and can even be fatal.
To avoid missed abortion, regularly observe the doctor, follow all regulations, rationally eat, more walk in the fresh air, and in any case not drink alcohol. Drugs take only after consultation with the obstetrician-gynecologist.