Natural vitamins for hair loss

For the most effective treatment of hair loss, trichology conduct specialized research aimed at identifying the causes of weakening growth and development of hair follicles.
Triholog doctor assigns a therapeutic agent comprising a vitamin to normalize the development cycle of the hair follicle.
Therapeutic and prophylactic remedy for hair loss considered vitamin complexes, which are present in edible products.

Iron-containing foods occupy the first place in the fight for the beauty and thickness of hair. These include: buckwheat, oatmeal, beef, liver, and other foods would increase the hemoglobin in the blood.
For best results when treating hair loss needs to be included in the diet nuts, legumes, unrefined from the rind of the fruit, especially apples, persimmons, apricots and peaches. To abandon bad habits. If possible, replace the use of tea and coffee on the purified non-carbonated water. To adjust the nervous system avoiding the mental strain and insomnia.

Vitamin medications to improve hair growth

To the most effective drugs for hair loss include vitamins saturating the human body with calcium, zinc, pyridoxine, cobalamin and other micronutrients.
Vitamin complexes with calcium to strengthen and normalize the growth of hair and nails positive effect on bone formation.
Folic acid, also increases hemoglobin and may be an auxiliary drug from intense hair loss.

There are a number of modern dietary supplements, containing not only a rich amount of vitamins, but also components for their maximum absorption.
The most important component of the vitamin complexes, is the presence of amino acids, which contribute to the Shine and silkiness of hair, reduce the risk of falling hair and help prevent breakage by strengthening the hair the whole length.

The most important factor in the struggle for healthy and beautiful hair, speaks proper care.
To keep the hair in good condition will help mask with vitamins and microelements, which is rubbed into the hair roots. Mask you can do yourself, mixing the necessary ingredients on the basis of therapeutic essential oils.
It should be remembered that dull, rapidly falling hair may indicate disease of the internal organs, that is a compelling reason for referral to a specialist.