Fresh dough made of water and sour cream

To prepare fresh dough for this recipe requires the following ingredients:
- soda and salt – 1/3 tsp;
- flour – 300 g;
- water – 80 ml;
- egg – 1 PC.;
- sour cream – 20 g

First sift the flour together with the baking soda and salt through a fine sieve. Add to these ingredients the sour cream and mix everything carefully. Next, start gradually adding water, and then crack in the egg. Mix well the ingredients, which should be thick dough. Knead it on the table, and then leave in the fridge for 20 minutes. You can then use it for cooking various dishes.

Fresh dough made of water and milk

For the dough based on this recipe, it is not only flexible, but also hard and that allows him to subtly and quickly roll out. It requires these ingredients:
- flour – 600 g;
- milk – 100 ml;
- water – 60 ml;
- egg – 1 PC.;
Sol – 1 tsp.;
- olive oil – 1 tbsp

Take the flour and sift. Put it in a bowl and in the center make a small indentation. There crack in the egg and pour warm water, which was pre-mixed with salt and milk. Of the ingredients in the bowl replace the dough. At the end add the olive oil. Then again knead it on the work surface and then place in a plastic bag and leave in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.

Fresh dough with sour cream and butter

Fresh dough, mixed according to the recipe, more suitable for cooking pies, pizzas and tarts. It requires the following ingredients:
- flour – 1 glass;
- butter – 200 g;
- egg – 1 PC.;
- sour cream – 1 Cup;
salt -¼.l.

Before you start kneading the dough, you will need to pull the butter out of the fridge and leave for 40-50 minutes to make it soft. Then cut it into pieces and transfer to a bowl. Add the sour cream and then mix everything carefully. You must obtain a homogeneous mass.

In the bowl the main ingredients beat egg and add salt. Mix everything, and then start to pour flour. Required to obtain a homogeneous plastic dough. Then cover with a cloth and leave in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Unleavened dough on kefir and butter

This fresh dough is soft and non-greasy. For kneading you can use the following ingredients:
- egg – 1 PC.;
- kefir – 300 ml;
- butter - 70 g;
- salt – 1/3 tsp

Take softened butter and mix it with egg, salt and yogurt. Then, start adding the flour, sift it first. Of these ingredients knead the elastic dough, which is then put away for 15-25 minutes in the refrigerator.