As for the kids, the crunch of the joints due to poorly developed muscular system and brittle bones. However, it should be noted that these symptoms can also be a sign of congenital joint hypermobility.

Parents should be wary if the crunch persists for a long period of time, or localized in one and the same place. Competent expert needs to assign a series of tests and comprehensive examination of the body to identify the true causes of the crunch.

What to include in your daily diet

In the absence of pathology will be compiled sample menu of the child, which will focus dishes that are rich in calcium. This is due to the fact that this element contributes to a significant strengthening of the bones and joints. Among the major recommended products can be milk, cheese, fish. Many experts believe that it is necessary to give the child more fluids during the day, as the crunch can be caused by a lack of synovial fluid.

As for teenagers, they have the crunch can be caused by changes in the body and the final formation of the joints. The main peak occurs at the age of 14-16 years. In some cases, the cause of the crunch are a fairly serious illness, for example, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, arthrosis and others. If the child does not feel pain when you crack your fingers and knee joints, most likely it goes away after a while.

When should I consult a doctor

If the child while squatting and bending his knees feel considerable discomfort, you should consult a specialist. The doctor may prescribe special preparations and ointments that can relieve pain. Should give the child plenty of rest and reduce physical activity, it is recommended to undergo physical therapy. You should reduce the intake of salt regularly to Supplement their diet with yogurts, jelly. Teenager can offer jelly.

Currently, online pharmacies offer customers a large number of various vitamin supplements and mineral complexes, which are largely able to replenish the reserves of calcium and vitamin D in the body. However, one should not buy these drugs, relying only on your own opinion, because they can cause hypervitaminosis. It is mandatory to consult the local doctor.