Healthy joints should move without extraneous sounds, people don't have to feel them. Often the clicking and crunching arise by chance. One of the simplest and most innocuous of reasons – anatomical feature of the structure. In violation of natural biomechanics, there are involuntary other sounds. For example, the wrong location of the ligaments leads to certain defects of the structure of cartilage. If the crunch (click) is not accompanied by pain, it rarely pay attention.

Despite the fact that, in itself, the clicking of joints is not scary – it could be a signal that you need to pay attention. The appearance of any pain indicates the budding conflict of the ligaments of the bones.

The main reasons, which can form clicks:

The effects of trauma. As in fractures, fractures and injuries of the joints, often damaging the vessels and tissues that are adjacent to it. The resulting inflammation or seals when rebuilding often hinder and interfere with the movements of the joints.

Arthritis – a disease where joints wear out rapidly. The disease is almost inevitable for the elderly. Although there are cases when the disease appears at a younger age.

The special structure of the joints, in which they unnaturally movable, so-called "Hyper-mobility". Often this is a congenital anomaly. In this case, parts of the joint can virtually separate. And the pain is absent. Returning to the place, the joints crackle.

The inflammation of the adjacent muscle. In this case, the true cause of the clicking of the joints is not clear. The part of the experts believes that the crunch comes from significant overload or fatigue.

Abnormalities in the structure of the joint, when the surface is not the same. Thus, they naturally are able to go beyond the articular boxes. Surface data, meeting by changing the position, making a click.

The excess of salts in the joint. Salt accumulating in a particular area, strengthen bones. But cartilage also harden. All this greatly complicates the movement of joints. This phenomenon can cause pain and clicking.


There are a few General tips that will help get rid of the crunch in the joints. However, to determine the true cause of this disease, you should seek the advice of a qualified technician. Remember: timely recourse to a medical facility can prevent and cure many serious diseases.

To eliminate cracking of the joints should be possible to unload them, providing them proper rest. Help in this special elastic bandages and clips. Gradually, the joint will recover from the fatigue, the swelling goes down.

Not a long time to stay too long in one position. You should try every 2-3 hours to conduct a light workout for the body.

Regular joint problems it is necessary to use anti-inflammatory ointments and creams. You can buy them at the pharmacy.

If the crunch of the joints emerged in injury – seek immediate help from a doctor.