Why you need the paperwork

Sooner or later after the start of the activities of any company faced with the need to organize work with the documents, which are a basic tool of management, because with their help and transfer guidance, bringing management solutions to a particular artist. System of record keeping at the enterprise is designed to provide standardization and uniformity of documentation, organize it, accounting and warehousing to facilitate business documents. The functions of the system office includes:

- competent organization of documents, ensuring rapid transmission of documents by the shortest path with minimal time, allowing to control the passage of any document and its execution at the appointed time;
- automated system of registration and accounting of all incoming, outgoing and internal documents;
- archiving the documents allows you to organize them on formal grounds and mould them into the case;
- creation of a nomenclature system codes for lists of titles of cases to facilitate systematization and defining the archive retention established legislation or industry regulations.

If all of these features document management in the enterprise are implemented, we can say that the office work system is debugged and works as required.

Organizational-legal aspects

Any document, which has details of the company, considered the business paper and therefore it will have legal consequences, ie, the document may be brought in the courts to resolve conflicts and contradictions. Therefore, record keeping should be done on the basis of regulations – specially designed instructions, checked the legal Department and approved by the Director. These instructions are only a guide, but the document, obligatory for execution, therefore, acquainted with her must be all interested persons under the painting.

Forms of documents, in which operates the enterprise must be standardized. The composition of details which should be indicated on the forms, defined in GOST R 6.30-2003 "Unified systems of the documentation. Unified system of organizational and administrative documentation. Requirements to paperwork". This standard establishes requirements and design business and administrative documentation.