Harvesters for berry factory production began to appear on sale not so long ago. Before such designs were made in home workshops. Despite the fact that the device is easy to acquire, home craftsmen still try to do them yourself.

What is the harvester for picking berries

The harvesters, which collect blueberries, consist of a body with a handle, the bottom of which is made of wire and provided with a "comb" of terminals. In appearance, the harvester resembles a scoop, its size may be large or small. During the gathering of the berries spilled out of him in front of the hull on hinges equipped with a special curtain, which should overlap the section of the housing. In the upper part it is adjustably secured in the sidewalls of the housing so that when pocketing inside the berries she turns and opens the passage.

How to make combine with your hands

First do the bottom with comb. Tin cut out a rectangle of 100Х400 mm. Prepare the rods of the wire or wires with a length of 100 mm. at one end it is better to bend the tin to form the hard edge is approximately 5 mm. At a distance of 40 mm from the edge draw the line perpendicular to the long side of the plate and drilled the series of holes of diameter equal to the diameter of the rods.
The ends of the wire rods should be made oval so they are easier to pass through the bushes and not to break the berries.

The first and last studs must be flush with the edges of the plate – they must then be soldered to the sidewalls. The distance between the teeth of 3-4 mm. End plate is bent along the line of holes 90 degrees to get a side that will not give the collected "comb" the berries to roll out. The rods are inserted into the holes, fix – for this you can use a wooden lath, in which the drilled hole with the desired step. The better rods are soldered to the base for rigidity.

Now it is the turn of the sidewalls. Cut out two piece – length must match the bottom, choose an arbitrary height that is most comfortable for you. Bend the edges 90 degrees inside, these bends solder the bottom. Should be soldered to the sidewalls and even the extreme rods – this will give the structure additional rigidity.
The inside of the sidewalls can be soldered and folded the curtain in order for the berries spilled ago.

Buy tin billet fold three or four times – it will strip that must be bent in the shape of a pen. The ends thereof being soldered to the sidewalls. Additionally, you can wrap it in duct tape to handle does not RUB the toes.