When you need to increase the fat content of milk

It is considered that the reason for insufficient weight gain of the baby is low-fat content of breast milk. Pediatricians assure us that the problem may lie not only in it.

Breast milk is conventionally divided into front and rear. When the child begins to suckle, first of all, he gets front milk which is less fatty. After it ends, the baby is starting to get hind milk. During feeding it is important to give your baby only one breast so he could ravage her completely, getting all the necessary nutrients.

If the mother feeds the kid properly, but the baby still eats not she should reconsider your daily diet. You may need to include in the menu for certain products.

If the composition of breast milk meets the standards, avoid food that increases its calorie content. Overly fat milk is harder to digest. Its use can cause dysbiosis arising due to enzyme deficiency.

What foods can increase the fat content of milk

Breast milk is created with the participation of lymph and blood. Some people think that the more fat promotes eating fatty foods in large quantities. This view is mistaken. In fact, the excess in the diet of fattening foods will not help to improve the composition of milk. The fat content in the diet of lactating mothers should not exceed 30% and protein 20%.

There are products that can affect the quality of breast milk. The most famous of them - nuts. Preference should be given to it walnuts. Enough every day to eat small amounts of them. It is better to fill 2-3 peeled and crushed walnut with a glass of milk, boil for several minutes and consume 2 tablespoons of drink several times a day. Definitely need to include in the diet of cheese and butter.

To increase the fat content of milk for young mothers need to eat more dairy products : cottage cheese, sour cream, natural yoghurt. To drink cow's milk should be treated with caution. It often causes allergies in babies.

Calcium, the use of which can lead to an increase in milk fat, contains also broccoli, beans, fish, greens. Young mothers are often recommended to include in the menu fish soup with broccoli.

Experts recommend breastfeeding women to eat enough fruits and vegetables. It is important that they do not cause allergies. During breast-feeding newborns should abandon the use of citrus.