Pork chops with vegetables

- portioned piece of meat;
- 2 medium potatoes;
- 2 sweet peppers;
- olive oil;
- Worcestershire sauce;
- garlic;
red balsamic vinegar;
- lemon;
- dried Basil;
- salt, pepper.

Meat before cooking, thoroughly rinse. Then prepare the marinade. For this pork, drizzle with lemon juice, wine vinegar and Worcester sauce, grind garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Preheat oven to maximum temperature and put the meat for 20 minutes.

While the meat is cooking, you can do vegetables. Peel the potatoes and pepper, slice the potatoes into two, and the pepper into four pieces. Grease a baking sheet with olive oil and put it on vegetables, put it in the oven as well for about 20 minutes.

Before serving, place on a platter vegetables, salt, in the centre, arrange the meat, sprinkled with finely chopped Basil.

Pork chops with oranges

- kilo portion of pork pieces on the bone;
- 4 oranges;
- lemon;
- 200 grams of olives without stones;
- 5 cloves of garlic;
- 3 tablespoons of vegetable broth;
- 2 tablespoons of honey;
- 1 teaspoon of starch;
- tsp dried thyme;
- salt, pepper.

Meat rinse. One orange peel and cut into slices, the second slice off the peel in a spiral shape, while others squeeze the juice. Lemon also squeeze the juice, mix it with orange and pour over meat. Add two sliced cloves of garlic and leave it on for a couple of hours to marinate. After the allotted time, the meat dry with a paper towel.

The rest of the garlic, crush and mix with honey and thyme. Salt the chicken meat, season with pepper and a good grate of the resulting honey-garlic mixture. Roast will be preheated to 200oC oven for hours. Then to the pork add the remaining marinade, vegetable broth, chopped orange, zest and olives and cook another 60 minutes. At the end of cooking, stir to dissolve the starch with a little water and pour over meat.

Pork in tomato sauce

- 2 identical piece of pork on the bone;
- 1 lemon;
- 1 onion;
- 4 mushrooms;
- 200 g of tomato paste;
- 50 g of flour;
- 30 g of fat;
- Bay leaf, salt, pepper, spices.

Thoroughly wash meat, RUB with spices, salt, pepper and drizzle with lemon juice. In a well-heated oven fry the pieces until Golden brown. For the tomato sauce chop onion and mushrooms, saute them with tomato paste. In the second pan fry until Golden brown the flour, mix it with broth and add to pasiruoses vegetables. Simmer for 20 minutes, at the end of cooking add salt and add the Bay leaf. Before serving, the cooked meat pour the sauce, a great side dish such meat, will be vegetables and herbs.