Flawless, stylish, beautiful, and most importantly – be confident, because it's supposed to be a modern woman. At this age You needed, and especially needed. The service now is the peak of Your career: subordinates see you as experienced and wise leader, and the head – an indispensable and reliable assistant. The grown children do not require this much attention, but desperately need your timely and useful advice. Well, your parents entered into that time of life when a kind word and support of children are particularly valuable. How to do everything and, thus, to maintain its appeal? There are several advices, following which you will definitely stop time or even turn it backwards.

Constant care about their health

All women know that they must always take care to maintain good health, but many unknown, how to do it. Meanwhile, to look young at 45 years old, it is enough to observe some simple rules:
• get enough sleep – lack of sleep detrimental effect on appearance: there are bags under the eyes, dim skin, skuchnee glance, the man looks tired and lethargic;
• avoid drastic weight fluctuations in either direction – along the loss of the fatty layer of tissue takes stock of estrogens, which have been accumulated throughout life; and a set of extra pounds is accompanied by an increase in the load on the entire body;
• engage in physical activity or fitness, the human body perceives any physical activity as a manifestation of their youth, so it is just a healing effect on all organs and systems;
• systematically take vitamin-mineral complexes with antioxidant activity - it will stop the destruction of collagen and elastin – the structural proteins in our skin that give it the necessary elasticity.

Great mood – the key to attractiveness

This axiom many often forget. Meanwhile, a smiling woman looks much younger than his years. It is therefore necessary to keep peace of mind, and will help you with this:
• commitment to a regular schedule – avoid jobs involving all hands at work, unjustified late at night and rises early;
• monitor your mood – don't get nervous, to get irritated for nothing, keep yourself in hand and don't despair: every emotional outburst provokes the acceleration of hormonal changes;
• regular visits to cosmetologists – they really can significantly rejuvenate the skin and improve its condition. A small "cosmetic repair" many will go for the benefit, of those lucky women that plastic is not required, the professionals will tell you some useful techniques to preserve the beauty.

Remember how to look at 45 years old, it depends on you, the passport data can be successfully ignored, and your peak attractiveness will last you for many years.