If the word conservatism in translation from Latin means the safety, the addition of the prefix ultra to him, indicating strongly or excessively, already represents an extreme degree of this position. "Very well stored and long views add to the personality of uncompromising and somewhat hostile.

Ultraconservative views make a person adamant in their belief in something: he is not going to change their beliefs under any pretext. The only facts worthy of sultryserver — chronicle of historical events and ancient traditions. In my belief this person is inviolable and not crush.


For ultra-conservative views characteristic of categorical thoughts and beliefs. With such people it is impossible to seek compromise and try something to convince them otherwise. In any case, the ultra-conservatives have, in their opinion, the only true point of view, and who do not share her extremely mistaken in this case.

They do not take seriously the trends of today and didn't see opportunities in new developments. Moreover, the ultra-conservatives fear for the future generation and the current pace of development, because I see a threat in everything unfamiliar. They ardently defend the tradition and beliefs developed over many hundreds of years, and do not accept contradictions.

Political figures ultraconservatism manifests itself in uncompromising struggle with modern ideas and proposals. Such policies negatively evaluate any changes in society, even when they clearly have positive development dynamics. Ultra-conservative views expressed in the desire for stability and use in their political activities only proven programs and ideas.

The denial of a new

The ultra-conservatives are not looking for unconventional solutions and new ways, because in their opinion, the best that could think and create people — has already occurred. Now it is only necessary to work on the preservation of acquired and adhere to centuries-old traditions in their practice. They distrust, and often even hostile attitude towards advanced technologies.

Ultra-conservative views in politics are manifested in the rejection of almost all of the proposed society in reforms and innovations. These politicians set themselves the challenge to support the citizens participation in old traditions. They send all their forces to strengthen the faith and reverence of the ideals and customs of the past.