The action of copper sulphate

Copper sulfate – powder, which when dissolved in water gives it a beautiful blue color. This drug is popular in the garden from spring to late autumn. It is successfully used to kill fungal diseases and pests on garden plants and fruit trees, for the disinfection of storage rooms for fruits and vegetables, enriching soil composition.

The action of copper sulfate is greatly enhanced when it is mixed with slaked lime. For this copper sulfate and lime are mixed in a ratio of 1:1. This reduces the possibility of damage to the plants and education of burns on the leaves. This drug has been called the Bordeaux mixture. Treating plants from fungal diseases, you need to double for the season: early spring and late autumn.

Bordeaux mixture and copper sulphate is also used for the treatment of trees and shrubs from scab, Anthracnose, minimize as fungicidal agents. While processing a damaged tree trunks this drug is used to disinfect wounds. Also copper sulphate has shown good results in the suppression of Fusarium, but especially effective is this mixture against Botrytis garden strawberries.

To improve the poor copper and acidic peat soils can fall to make copper sulphate along with lime-pushonkoj on the beds before deep digging. Do it better with a certain periodicity, not less than 1 time in 5 years. 5 sq m will require 5 g of copper sulphate and 2 kg of hydrated. The application must be crushed drug, then sprinkle the powder on the surface of the beds with a rake and mix it with soil.

Rules for the use of the drug

Buy copper sulfate can be in specialized stores, it is sold in a convenient nugget dosage in powder form. Before applying you need to carefully read the instructions and follow all safety rules listed therein. In particular, you should use a respirator, rubber gloves and overalls, if you plan on spraying of trees and shrubs. This is necessary to protect the airway mucosa from burns.

When using a solution of copper sulphate you need to follow the dosage indicated on the package does not exceed it. You will need a special plastic container, it is necessary to pour 1 liter of warm water, dissolve the powder and add water to volume of 10 L. For use every time you need to prepare fresh solution. The remaining medication should be poured away from wells, ponds, barnyards, and residential buildings. After completion of the work with copper sulfate you need a good soap to wash your hands, face, rinse mouth.

A reasonable use of this drug allows for more efficient use of the garden plot and to obtain good yields.