The main reason for the formation of warts – papillovirus infection. This virus infects the mucous membranes and skin. The people he is better known as the human papilloma virus. It was during his presence in the body appear warts, papillomas and condylomas.

Form of warts may be different. There are several basic types of them. Genital warts resemble small papillae greyish color on a small stalk. They are located in groups or one at a time. It is worth noting that similar entities tend to merge and reproduce.

Flat warts is localized mainly in the mucosa of the urethra and on the cervix in women. It is hard to see during the inspection. This type of warts often causes the development of cervical cancer. It is therefore necessary to timely detection of the disease and appropriate treatment.
On the genitals, it is also possible location of the broad warts. They are a manifestation of the secondary period of syphilis. In this case, papillovirus has nothing to do with the variety warts are nothing.

The presence of the characteristic growths of warts is very helpful in the accurate diagnosis of the disease. Harder if this kind of education are located on the cervix, in the vagina, urethra, rectum. In these cases the diagnosis can only by a qualified specialist after a full examination.

Assign the course of treatment for the formation of warts can be a doctor. Specialist, depending on the size and shape of the growths, will choose destructive or chemical treatment.

When small and solitary growths warts usually cauterize solutions podofillina condyline or solcoderm. It is worth considering that podophyllum inhibits the development of growths, exerting a cytotoxic effect. Solkoderm and kandelin, in turn, effectively burns the warts.

The "epigenome" - a special spray from warts, which has immunostimulatory, anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity. It is applied topically directly to the site of the formation of genital warts.

Treatment of warts is also possible and oxolinic ointment. However, this tool is not an effective drug against papillovirus.

Simultaneously with local treatment immunostimulatory and antiviral therapy. This can be purpose of various rectal suppositories from warts, for example, "Genferon®".

Antiviral tablets are also taken orally in parallel with the local treatment of warts. Their action is not aimed at the production of interferons, and specifically the human papilloma virus, causing immune stimulating effect.

Please note: any use and application of medicines from genital warts should be accompanied by medical supervision.