You will need
  • -decoupage card
  • -PVA glue or decoupage glue
  • file
  • -cushion
Starting to work with decoupage card, determine its density. This is the main indicator for selection of the way to work with her. Before you start working with thin decoupage card, prepare the surface of the decoration piece. Sanded it with sandpaper, removing all the hairs and roughness. Then apply acrylic primer to the surface. To conveniently apply the primer with a sponge, so it falls evenly. If decoupage card thick, it can be bonded to the surface of any color without any primer.
Prepare a thick decoupage card for work. If its size coincides with the boundaries of the subject on which you will to apply it or is it more neatly with scissors trim the edges of the decoupage card. If it is less, then tear off the edge of the hands. Below the border is not allocated decoration map will Estonia. For this fine grain sandpaper, lightly coat the edge of the map.
Then decoupage the card beforehand for a few minutes put in a container with water at room temperature. Apply glue with a brush to the decorated object. Decoupage card remove from the water, then wait for the excess moisture will drain, and place on the glue. On top of the map put the file and carefully using a roller to get rid of bubbles and excess glue. After the card has dried, apply a tassel acrylic lacquer.
Decoupage a map on rice paper - a map with a small density. Rice paper is made in India. It is made from rice fiber, so it has inclusions in the form of fibers.Please be careful with her, she is thinner, so more prone to tearing. Rice decoupage card can easily decorate any smooth surface: glass, bottles. Therefore, it is considered universal.
It is also possible to pre-put in water for shorter time. But they can also work without moisture. In any case, put it on the surface of the decoration piece. Apply the top brush PVA glue or decoupage glue. Press it through the rubber cushion, which will help to get rid of excess moisture. After the map has dried, coat it with several layers of acrylic lacquer.