The composition of the light seals

Seals light overgaden are made of composite material, the polymerized under the action of a powerful light source. Such material as gleocapsa consists of a special, light-sensitive substances. In the field of ultraviolet radiation, this substance decomposes into radicals which start the polymerization processes in the pre-formed seal. This is the main difference light seals from a rapidly solidifying materials of chemical origin.

The quality of the seal and affect even the characteristics of the filler. Depending on the task light seals, it can be made of such composites, as macrolipasemia, micro-filled, minneapoline and powdered. Above all, the degree of filling of composites with larger particle sizes. They have good resistance to abrasion. Now the best material for light seals is a nanocomposite. In these seals there is a slight shrinkage, whereby the material becomes durable. Besides light seals of nanocomposite durable and have great aesthetic characteristics.

Than light seals better than other materials

The greatest advantage of the light seals over other materials – plasticity. This quality allows the Clinician to restore the tooth cavity with greater care. The doctor may not worry that photocomposite hardens before you're finished. Unlike chemical light seal non-toxic and better polished. Besides, the light seals have a wide range of shades. Typically, the service life of light seals is three to five years. This is a great indicator of the quality of this type of filling. But it is not suitable light seal for the treatment of deep and difficult to access cavities. In these cases, doctors use fillings with chemical materials, as setprimarykey light seals may be inadequate in these areas.

A light seal can be put on the side and front teeth. This seal is modeled in the patient's mouth, after which the tooth is treated paw of ultraviolet radiation with a certain frequency. In the end, the polymerisation of the seal. Then polished it, polished and coated with a layer of protective varnish. Light seal does not cause any harm to the body. Therefore, to treat the teeth with its help you can even in pregnancy. After installing light seals in the mouth, the patient should not eat or drink for one to two hours. Price light seals mixed. Depending on the composition of the price of light seals can vary from 900 to 3000 rubles. Chemical seals are much cheaper.