Buy hard toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. Thoroughly clean your teeth 2 times a day. To enhance the whitening effect imposed on the seal a little toothpaste and hold for about 5-7 minutes, then rinse your mouth. If you choose to perform this procedure several times a day, within a week you will notice that not only the seal, but the teeth are white. If you have bleeding gums, do not experiment, use a soft brush.
Soak a cotton wool in lemon juice. Instead of the natural juice and citric acid solution (1 g per teaspoon of water). Cotton wool put on the seal and hold it for about 15 minutes. Procedure is carried out several times a day for as long as the seal does not blanch.
Take some hydrogen peroxide and add 1-2 drops of ammonia. The resulting composition, apply to the seal. Don't be afraid, a mixture of ammonia and peroxide is not toxic and does not destroy teeth. After about 3-5 days you will see the result.
If you have a good seal of high quality material, chew the cud with bleaching water. Usually the problem can be solved, especially if it is caused by drinking coffee, tea, Smoking.
Apply some soda on the toothbrush and thoroughly clean the sealed tooth. Soda has a slight whitening effect, grinds and polishes the dental enamel and fillings including.
If the seal never whiten, see your dentist. Doctor or bleach it using professional tools or will take part and will impose a new layer of filling material is perhaps the most effective way of all of the above.