Advice 1: How to terminate a pregnancy injections

It happens that the pregnancy is unwanted. To solve a similar problem in the 21st century is not difficult: there are different methods of abortion. The gynecologist, based on the indicators of the health of the woman and her financial possibilities, individually pick up one of them.
How to terminate a pregnancy injections
Injections for abortion exist, but in the practice of medicine are rarely used. Their use is strictly prohibited. Termination of pregnancy by any method, including injections, is possible only under a doctor's supervision.

The methods of abortion

If the pregnancy is very small, then interrupt her with a vacuum abortion. This so-called minibot conducted in a hospital and having a number of contraindications.

Pregnancy is a period of 8 weeks to 11 weeks to interrupt curettage - a surgical abortion, which they make in a medical facility. There is a medical abortion by a set of special pills. All of the changes in a woman's body are controlled by the doctor. Its side effect is bleeding, which can be eliminated by scraping.

"Hot shot" is intravenous administration of calcium chloride. This method of termination of pregnancy used when a woman has contraindications to direct surgical intervention.

Injections for abortion

Injections for abortion at the present time practically not prescribed, because it is very dangerous. Calcium chloride interrupts the vital functions of the fetus, but does not take it from the female body. If within days after the injection does not occur, the miscarriage, the woman is still forced to go on scraping. Incorrect introduction of calcium chloride leads to tissue necrosis. The hot shot does not always guarantee termination of pregnancy. Its use can lead to serious health consequences for both mother and the disability of the child. Without knowing all the undesirable effects from the use of hot injections, some women attempt to enter it at home.

It argued that abortion must be administered intravenously, ascorbic acid and but-shpu. In fact, it is extremely dangerous: miscarriage occurs in 10 women out of 100, and the pathological changes found in each fruit. It depends on the individual perception of a cocktail of these drugs. Large doses of ascorbic acid slow down the physiological development of the fetus.

Oxytocin — a drug that reduces the uterus. Some women trying to end unwanted pregnancies. This tool is dangerous, especially in the early stages. At the excess dose of oxytocin possible rupture of the uterus. Oxytocin is usually used on the period from 14 to 16 weeks, if the fetus was discovered incompatible with life physiological defect.

Advice 2 : How to terminate a pregnancy, just a little

Pregnancy is not always desirable for women and acceptable for medical reasons. It can occur despite use of contraception. And if the woman still got pregnant, but absolutely do not want to give birth, remains the ability to abort the process early on.
How to terminate a pregnancy, just a little
Find out whether you are pregnant. Home tests based on the analysis of the content of hormones in the urine are not always accurate. To confirm or refute the situation, contact the women's clinic. There you will be able to assign tests to accurately determine not only the presence of pregnancy, but also her life.
Select a method for abortion. Usually it depends on its term. Within eight weeks of the possible medical abortion, in which the effects on the body is limited to medicines. The doctor gives the woman a certain dose of drugs, which provoke a spontaneous miscarriage. To five weeks it is possible to use a vacuum abortion, which involves the impact of a physician on the uterus, but without curettage of the surgical instruments, reducing the risk of complications. At a later date remains a classic of the abortion, using surgical instruments. With the choice of a particular method will help the doctor.
Complete all necessary tests, including total blood count and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.
Sign up for a convenient time for you to the doctor and perform abortion. You should make a decision as soon as possible, as the longer the gestation, the higher the risk of various complications.
After an abortion your doctor about what requirements you need to comply with to maintain their health. Usually women are required to stop sexual activity for a certain time, and to abandon heavy physical load, swimming in pools and taking baths. In this case, the shower remains allowed.
Useful advice
Pregnancy can be a sign that you do not fit the current method of contraception. Talk about this with your doctor.

Advice 3 : How to give injections to little kids

An injection is a painful medical manipulation even for an adult. Children are often much more sensitive to pain. However, if necessary the parent can carry out this procedure independently.
How to give injections to little kids
You will need
  • medicine;
  • a syringe;
  • Vata;
  • - alcohol.
If we are talking about subcutaneous or intramuscular medication can deal with this Amateur. But independent from intravenous injections small children it is better to refrain. People with no experience medical procedures, can easily pierce through a vein, causing pain and harm to the child. For such procedures it is better to visit a doctor or call the home nurse.
Prepare the necessary materials. Besides the medicine, get a syringe. It is better to choose a product with the most thin needle so the injection will be less painful. Also you will need cotton wool or cotton pads, alcohol for disinfection and medical gloves. With the introduction of medication from the vial and stock up on the razor. It will come in handy if you fail to break off the tip from glass packaging. It will be good if you manage to dull any of your relatives to help you.
Wash your hands and put on medical gloves. Then enter the desired amount of medication into the syringe. However, if you pierced with a needle the rubber stopper, it is better to change. After filling the syringe, shake it and squeeze the part of the drug. This is to ensure that the liquid at the introduction did not get air bubbles.
Call the assistant, who must document the child in the desired position. For intramuscular injections is lying on the stomach. Select an injection site and wipe it with cotton wool with alcohol. An injection in the buttock needs to be made in the upper outer lobe. In this place lie the nerves and blood vessels, which is especially dangerous to touch. Carefully insert the needle at a right angle to the buttock. If the child is in the age of reason, try to distract him, for example, viewing the cartoon.
After the introduction of the syringe a little, pull the plunger of the syringe. if the medicine will enter the blood, it means you have hit an artery, and you should change the injection site. If no blood inject the medication. Do it smoothly, the child should not make sudden movements with your assistant. After the introduction of the desired dose, take the needle and clean the wound with alcohol. Can apply to her wool, if fear of bleeding. After the injection reassure the child if he would cry.

Advice 4 : What is the "hot shot"

Hot shot got its name due to the fact that during the procedure the patient feels an intense burning sensation or spreading of heat. A similar effect is given injections of calcium, magnesium.
What is the "hot shot"

Why do hot shots of calcium

"Hot shot" calcium gluconate is prescribed to make up for lack of calcium in the body and also for treatment of allergic, skin, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Injections are performed in three ways: fast injection, intravenous drip, intracardiac injection (injected into the space of the ventricle).

Injections of calcium chloride to help with the shortage of this trace element in the body, and also in the period when a person requires increased amount of calcium (lactation, pregnancy). Such injections can be scheduled at its low content in the diet or if the absorption of this trace mineral in the intestine is disturbed. "Hot shot" is used to eliminate the symptoms of intestinal, biliary, renal colic, to relieve inflammation, to reduce the permeability of blood vessels, allergies. This injection also included in the complex of resuscitation measures as anti-shock medication.

Injection of calcium are appointed with caution in renal, respiratory and cardiac failure, the rate of glycoside drugs. Hot injections are contraindicated when a significant excess of calcium in the body, with resistant ventricular fibrillation. With the introduction of the drug in an inappropriate blood vessel can receive chemical burns of the mucous membranes of the inner walls of the veins. Subsequently, in this place, may develop thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a vein wall). In rare cases, accidental contact with chloride of calcium under the skin is necrosis of the subcutaneous fat, inflammation begins with suppuration. Too rapid administration of the drug may cause the acceleration of the contractions of the ventricles, this condition can lead to heart failure.

"Hot shot" magnesia

"Hot shot" of magnesia (magnesium sulphate) is performed intramuscularly. Such injections typically are assigned to pregnant women to reduce uterine tone with the threat of miscarriage or premature birth. Injections of magnesia do in large accumulations of muscle (in the buttocks). Magnesium sulfate it is necessary to introduce very slowly, avoiding its stagnation in the muscle tissue. You should also make sure that the syringe needle did not get into small arteries blood vessels.

"Hot shot" will be easier to move if the patient after the procedure you will stay in a horizontal position for some time. Sometimes an injection of magnesia require anesthesia, while simultaneously injected novocaine. Injections of magnesium sulfate contraindicated with hypersensitivity to components with increased content of magnesium in the body, with oppression of the respiratory center, low blood pressure, severe bradycardia, renal failure, AV blockade, as well as in the prenatal period.
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