Injections for abortion exist, but in the practice of medicine are rarely used. Their use is strictly prohibited. Termination of pregnancy by any method, including injections, is possible only under a doctor's supervision.

The methods of abortion

If the pregnancy is very small, then interrupt her with a vacuum abortion. This so-called minibot conducted in a hospital and having a number of contraindications.

Pregnancy is a period of 8 weeks to 11 weeks to interrupt curettage - a surgical abortion, which they make in a medical facility. There is a medical abortion by a set of special pills. All of the changes in a woman's body are controlled by the doctor. Its side effect is bleeding, which can be eliminated by scraping.

"Hot shot" is intravenous administration of calcium chloride. This method of termination of pregnancy used when a woman has contraindications to direct surgical intervention.

Injections for abortion

Injections for abortion at the present time practically not prescribed, because it is very dangerous. Calcium chloride interrupts the vital functions of the fetus, but does not take it from the female body. If within days after the injection does not occur, the miscarriage, the woman is still forced to go on scraping. Incorrect introduction of calcium chloride leads to tissue necrosis. The hot shot does not always guarantee termination of pregnancy. Its use can lead to serious health consequences for both mother and the disability of the child. Without knowing all the undesirable effects from the use of hot injections, some women attempt to enter it at home.

It argued that abortion must be administered intravenously, ascorbic acid and but-shpu. In fact, it is extremely dangerous: miscarriage occurs in 10 women out of 100, and the pathological changes found in each fruit. It depends on the individual perception of a cocktail of these drugs. Large doses of ascorbic acid slow down the physiological development of the fetus.

Oxytocin — a drug that reduces the uterus. Some women trying to end unwanted pregnancies. This tool is dangerous, especially in the early stages. At the excess dose of oxytocin possible rupture of the uterus. Oxytocin is usually used on the period from 14 to 16 weeks, if the fetus was discovered incompatible with life physiological defect.