There are three medical method of abortion at the 3rd week: this is a medical abortion, vacuum and surgical. Most preferred is the first method as the most gentle relation to the woman's body, but just like the others, is not devoid of side effects.
If you find that you are pregnant, you need as soon as possible to visit the clinic for inspection and conduct all necessary studies. If it is confirmed that the term of your pregnancy less than 8 weeks, you may be offered a medical method of abortion that consists of receiving one of the following drugs: Mifolian, Mifeprex, Penkrofton, Marikina, Mifepristone and Postinor.
After taking the pills in the dose prescribed by a doctor, you should start bleeding, the duration of which is 2 weeks. By accident this time you will have to appear for admission to the doctor to assess the state of their health. Do not neglect this recommendation, as there are cases when this method of interruption of pregnancy at 3 weeks caused a hormonal imbalance or an incomplete release of the ovum. In the latter case mechanical cleaning of the uterus – surgical abortion.
The second method is the vacuum abortion is also performed in early pregnancy up to 5 weeks. After all required studies are assigned the day of the abortion when you vagina will introduce a special vacuum aspirator, giving the uterus a negative pressure and causing the separation of the Bud from the mucosa. This method of interruption of pregnancy at 3 weeks can also result in incomplete removal of the ovum, which again will create conditions for surgical abortion.
Surgical abortion may be performed up to 12th week of pregnancy, and if for some reason you do not recommended the first two ways to interrupt an unwanted pregnancy, you can come to normal abortion that is performed under General anesthesia. The doctor will inject you in the vagina tool which helps to open the cervix and begin the scraping of the embryo. When you select this method of abortion at 3 weeks is better to go to a private clinic, where the procedure is performed with ultrasound that allows the doctor to operate not blindly, and to monitor their work.
In addition to the traditional abortion, you can pick and people's way of interrupting unwanted pregnancies, but to do so in any case impossible, as you run the risk of their own lives. This procedure should be performed in health institutions under the full control of the gynecologist.