You will need
  • Dress or sundress solid colors, threads corresponding to the dress color, bezel, small paper flowers, 10 pieces of fabric in bright colors size 35х15, ribbon, glue, cardboard petals.
First of all, make the petals for your flower. Cut out from the prepared patches 35х10 cm petals. Keen then thread the ribbon of your bright petals so that the edge of each petal lay on the other. You'll have a lush skirt.
As the basis for your masquerade costumeand will serve as a solid slightly flared dress or sundress bright colors, then you have to fasten over the dress skirt on the ribbon.
Next step: you need to starch the skirt to the desired result, and quite strongly. Also, you need to embellish the top and sleeves of the dress, you glue small paper flowers so that no one place on the dress seemed boring and empty.
Don't forget to decorate a hat. Take a plastic headband and secure the petals of your chosen flower of cardboard. Attach them around the Hoop.