You will need
  • - white fabric for pants;
  • - white fabric for the collar;
  • - a plain fabric for blouses;
  • - wide silk ribbon or a strip of cloth;
  • - foam;
  • red gouache;
  • - a piece of thin gum;
  • - pattern pants, blouses and collar
  • - several large buttons;;
  • - 6 small buttons;
  • - lace or sewing;
  • - multicolored pompoms;
  • - bright leggings or knee;
  • - thick paper;
  • a pair of compasses;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine, needles, thread.
Rummage in the cupboards. It may well be that there will be something suitable. You need a wide plain blouse, wide colorful pants, colored socks or leg warmers and some kind of cap. The workload in this case will be somewhat reduced.
Start with blouses. Pick up the pattern a little more size. Clowns are usually quite spacious suityou, so the measurements are not particularly important. It is desirable that the cut was with no small parts and no fasteners. In extreme cases, vsheyte back zipper. Sew side and shoulder seams, vsheyte sleeves and finish the hem. Front sew some large buttons. Buttons can be different. You can sheathe them with colored pieces of cloth. Neckline sew small buttons: 2 on each sleeve, 2 on back and 2 on the shelf on opposite side of clasp
To the clown blouse is very suitable for a wide collar like a musketeer. It can be removable. For the construction of the pattern, measure the neck and calculate the radius of its circumference. Draw a circle of appropriate size. Eye determine the width of collar and draw another circle from the same center. Swipe radius. From the point of its intersection with the inner circumference put in each side and 2 cm At the outer circumference of the postpone for 4 cm in each Direction. Points on both circles connect in pairs by straight lines.
Cut out the pattern and put it on a folded in half white cloth. Don't forget about allowances. Fold details of collar right sides together. Between layers put the lace or sewing. Sweeps and sostrochite, leaving open the top edge. Remove and upadte collar.
On the reverse side mark the places for 6 loops. They must coincide with the places small buttons on the blouse. Cut and sewn loops. Pound allowances inside and sew a seam on the front side.
Sew the pants. Select the pattern of a simple style without clasps. Suitable, for example, pajama pants. The length is not particularly important. Pants need a little bit to close the top knee or leg warmers.
Hats have clowns, too, are different. Maybe you have an old hat or cap. For it remains only to attach the flower more luxuriant. Not finding anything suitable and make the hood. Made of thick sheet of paper, giving a semi-circle, the radius of which is equal to the height of the hood. Roll it in a paper bag to sharp part coincides with the center of the semicircle. Try on the head and trim the excess paper. Stitch or glue the rear seam. Obtyanite headpiece with fabric and decorate it with a pompom or tassel.
The quality of the shoes fit any shoes or trainers, regardless of style. Some clown feet are very large, the temptation to take the shoes larger. But don't forget about that clown needs to move. Therefore it is better to bring your own shoes and make them lining or sew the lace POM-POM.
Clown necessarily need a red nose. You can paint the tip of the nose with makeup. But you can make the necessary parts from the foam. Cut from a thick piece of foam rubber circle with a diameter of 5-6 cm Paint it red. Edge sew a thick needle with a durable wool and pull. Cut off the excess. Sew the elastic. Try the nose. It should sit so that the nostrils were open. Tighten the elastic if necessary. Cut a piece of ribbon to tie or take a break of a silk fabric strip of appropriate length. Edges sewn.