Doctors are advised not to change diet with the onset of pregnancy, of course, this rule applies only to those women who eat right, and menu which are not frankly dangerous products. If a woman likes fish or has replaced her meat, we need to slightly revise menu and choose the most useful seafood. Women menu featuring dishes from fish are rare, it is worth adding into the diet of soup, fish cakes, baked and boiled fish. Scientists say that women who frequently consumed fish and seafood during pregnancy, give birth to healthier children. Mental ability of these kids is also much higher than their peers whose mothers abstained from fish.
Any salted, smoked, canned, cured and dried seafood should be excluded from the menu. Fish in them, or did not pass thermal processing, or during its preparation were used are not always useful additional ingredients for preservation, besides the excess of salt will become an additional burden to the kidneys and cardiovascular system. River fish, alas, is also unsafe for pregnant women, it can be parasites. The exception is the farmed species, pike, carp and the fish caught in Northern waters.
Sushi, oysters and delicacies that use fresh fish, it is impossible to use due to the possibility of Contracting parasitic infections. Although all fish has to pass a strict control, during pregnancy it is better to refrain from such foods. King mackerel, large shrimp, any large potentially dangerous fish, as a few years of her life she could save yourself quite a lot of heavy metals. Tuna, despite its popularity and unique amino acid composition, pregnant also is unfavorable, as it accumulates salts of heavy metals.
Medium size salmon, sardines, small shrimp, calamari, saffron cod, ice fish, eel, hake recommended menu for pregnant woman. Cheap chum salmon and Pollock contain high amounts of pyridoxine, which helps to prevent convulsions and disorders of the nervous system. Herring and sardines – source of vitamin D. These fish safe, and if a woman you've never tried it, pregnancy is the perfect excuse to diversify the menu. Fish should be variate, simmer or bake, deep-frying is better to refuse such food is too greasy, besides the fish loses its beneficial properties. Pregnant woman is recommended to eat fish twice a week. It is a complete protein, which is digested better than meat protein.
In stores is quite a good choice of affordable fish that is no less useful than the expensive ones. Many species of fish are cheaper than meat, and therefore even pregnant women with average incomes can arrange good nutrition. If you don't like fish you can buy fish oil in gelatin capsules, since even the most healthy food eaten "through the power", will benefit.