Thyroid disease

Before you cook fish, you need to find out if there are any thyroid diseases. For example, in hypothyroidism (underactive) the body lacks iodine. To fill the deficit can use sea fish 2-3 times a week.

In the case of hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid hormones) the additional amount of iodine the body is contraindicated. That is why pregnant women with suspected dysfunction of the gland is to hand over the analysis on hormones. When the results, together with the doctor will make the decision about the possibility of adding fish to the diet.

Place fish

Buy fish only when it is precisely known where she was caught and did control of sanitation services. Often, the fish caught off the coast of the United States, Canada, in the Baltic sea found high levels of heavy metals, primarily mercury. When injected into the body of a pregnant woman the mercury can cause a delay in mental and physical development of the child.

Fish mercury enters the food chain: phytoplankton — zooplankton — fish. Prior to this, in the water, mercury gets together with the industrial waste, after which settle on the bottom. Accumulated in the body heavy metal through the placenta can get to the child.

What kind of fish you can eat pregnant

According to scientists, pregnant two times a week, you can eat squid, catfish, scallops, salmon, shrimp, oysters, sardines, sole and anchovies. No more 6 times per month — cod, Pacific albacore tuna, crabs. No more than 3 times in a month — halibut, sea trout, lobsters, bluefin tuna. The ban came a shark, grouper, king mackerel. In regard to seafood, pregnant women should avoid sushi and raw fish in General.

How to cook

Optimal for cooking any fish temperature - 60oC. The finished dish should be opaque and easily split into flakes. Scallops, lobster and shrimp should be prepared as long as the color does not become milky-white.

Additional sources of omega-3

Fish and seafood are the main sources of omega — 3 fatty acids. But they can be replaced, for example, linseed, soybean, or rapeseed oil as well as flax seed and walnuts. For these products it is possible to take place in the diet of a pregnant woman. Begin to use the fish should be small portions, the tracking response of the body. In the case of the "failures" of fish at a time should be abandoned.