Before planning pregnancy, consult your gynecologist for inspection. At a palpation the doctor can detect the tumor as myoma. The doctor will determine the size of the uterus and sent for further examination, which will help to determine the type of fibroids, number and location of nodes.
Get an ultrasound of the uterus. This safe procedure will help to accurately determine the presence of fibroid, its location and size. Diagnosis best time to have a 5-7 day cycle, as close to the beginning of menstruation the size of fibroids slightly increased. In addition to ultrasound, the gynecologist can offer such examinations as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and magnetic resonance imaging. If studies show that fibroids are outside the uterus and are small in size, the woman is given a year to conceive naturally. If within a year pregnancy does not occur, the repeated examination and treatment.
In case of the inability to conceive naturally again, refer to a specialist for appropriate treatment. The choice of treatment is determined only by the gynecologist and depends on many factors: the type of fibroids, age of the patient, size and location of the nodes and the rate of growth of tumors. If drug therapy the patient is undergoing hormonal or other drug therapy aimed at stopping the growth of nodes and the reduction of existing tumors. After treatment, you can again try to conceive on their own.
Surgery. It is necessary in case of impossibility to cure the fibroids by a conservative. Usually doctors try to only remove tumors while preserving the uterus. This operation is called myectomy and carried out in various ways: by laparoscopy, laparotomy and hysteroscopic method. A woman's ability to conceive is retained. To try to get pregnant doctor allows, usually 6-12 months after surgery.
If pregnancy does not occur naturally even after treatment of fibroids, consult your fertility specialist for the procedure of in vitro fertilization. According to statistics, pregnancy after IVF in women with uterine myoma in the anamnesis, is more than 30% of cases. Physicians are advised to undergo the procedure of artificial insemination not later than one year after the treatment or removal of fibroids. This increases the chances of conceiving and carrying a baby.