The benefits of milk for nursing mother and baby

Milk is a food product, which is very useful for health. For a man it is a valuable provider of protein, vitamins, minerals. It should be noted that many amino acids contained in this product are indispensable. This means that these compounds are not synthesized in the human body and you can do it only with food.

Despite the usefulness of milk, some people it is absolutely contraindicated as the product is quite a strong allergen. Allergy to milk protein is manifested in different ways. Most often it is accompanied by a rash, itching, peeling skin.

Some nursing mothers are in doubt about whether they drink milk. Experts claim that drinking it during active lactation is acceptable, if baby and mom are not allergic to this product. Of course, around the need to comply with the measure. Do not drink milk in liters. Better to give preference to dairy products.

Especially cautiously it is necessary to drink milk to mothers of newborn children. To get started is to try a small amount. If after 5-10 minutes after feeding the baby he will not have allergic reactions, mother can increase the amount of milk we drink.

If you experience the kid has any Allergy symptoms you must stop taking milk. It should be noted that goat's milk is less allergenic than cow's. In addition, it is extremely useful.

How to use milk as a means of enhancing lactation

Milk is not only a valuable source of calcium and amino acids, but also stimulates lactation. If a young mother is experiencing some problems, associated with inadequate secretion of breast milk, it can start to consume special teas.

For making the most effective means for stimulating lactation, it is necessary to pour in a pan with a little cow's milk, add dry black tea and boil, then let steep for 30 minutes. Further, the infusion should strain and drink half a Cup several times a day. The tea should be moderately strong, but quite pleasant to the taste. Sugar it need not be added.

Perfectly stimulates lactation and cashew milk. For its preparation you need to pour in a pot of milk, chopped walnuts and heat. Drink should be warm.