Sometimes the drivers notice that the car started suddenly to twitch, to go in spurts. To show this problem on almost any mode and under different circumstances. But the reasons for this may be different.
Jerks when the revs increase and when driving at high speed

If the car starts to go jerky during acceleration, the cause may be a lack of fuel when the revs increase. To verify this, check the nozzle and economizer. Is to make sure that there is no air suction from the outside. This may be because of the clogged filters, especially if you have a diesel engine. First of all clog the mesh on the fuel consumer. To fix it, is remove the rubber pipe from the filter and blow it with compressed air. If these steps do not resolve the problem, you will need to remove the fuel tank and it is well rinsed and the mesh one more time to lose. In the future, you may need to replace the filter.
Why car jerks at low speed?

If a problem is detected at low speeds, the tested injectors. Need to check if the harness rests directly on the fuel tube, it might result in her grinding. Accordingly, with moving the wires is the circuit wiring, and thus, the injectors just shut off. The solution may be complete replacement of wires in this part.
Why car jerks when pressing gas?

In this case, the reasons can be many: failure fuel pump failure fuel filter, the violation of air supply failure the cover tramblera. Experts recommend to first replace the plugs. If this does not work, you should then look for fault.