Brew 0.5 liter of boiling water 2 tbsp eucalyptus leaf. After 2 hours, when he rises in the thermos, give the child to rinse the throat. Offer such rinses after every meal for six months, and you will definitely notice an improvement. Infusion stored in the refrigerator no longer than two days, to warm you need to add a bit of boiling water.
Drip into the nose before going to sleep 2 drops of fresh aloe juice. A few months adenoids reduced. After a year of treatment, the improvement occurs even in children with the third stage of the disease, allowing you to avoid surgery.
Give your baby fresh goat's milk. Just one Cup of this healthy drink twice a day can cure the disease, even if it is running.
Bury in the nose of sea buckthorn oil, thuja and tea tree, pre-rinsing the nose with salt water. If nasal congestion for 15 minutes before applying the oil should drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops. Each type of oil dropped three times a day for half of the pipette, for two weeks. First, bury your sea buckthorn oil, then oil of thuja and finally, tea tree oil.
Rinse nose with warm salt water (one-third teaspoon of salt per Cup of water). If breathing is difficult some time before the procedure you need to drip naphthyzinum. When rinsing use the entire solution. The treatment is carried out in a day, a course of ten treatments. With nosebleeds, deviated septum, or after injuries of the nose this method cannot be used.
Bury the nose 1-2 drops of the infusion of spicy clove. To do this, in a Cup of boiling water put 10 pieces of cloves and steep until brown.
Rinse the nose with the infusion of celandine with a subsequent lubrication of the mucosa with vegetable oil. For the preparation of drops boil a glass of water poured into it a tablespoon of grass. Also effective is the frequent instillation of juice of celandine twice a day 3-4 drops. After 2 months you will see a stunning effect.