The artichoke looks like the unblown Bud of a flower. Also, it can be confused with huge thistles, which actually is a distant relative of this vegetable. And the young inflorescence of an artichoke that are eaten, and there is unblown Bud of a flower, covered with large fleshy scales.

Artichoke known since ancient times as a gourmet dish. For the elite of Rome was preparing an artichoke with a variety of spices and honey, making it taste unique. Later, the vegetable became very popular in French cuisine, which used it in a variety of dishes and shared it all over the world.

In each country cook artichoke in different ways. But the most famous and true method is to boil the young inflorescence, which is served with various sauces. This method of cooking artichoke reveals its amazing and unique taste.

Gourmets compare the artichoke to taste with walnuts or green peas. Lovers give it a grassy-nutty flavor. But this is only a kind of analogy, the true taste of the artichoke is like no other, it is quite beautiful and specific.

To experience the real taste of this vegetable, it must be properly prepared, and before that to choose high-quality fruit. The artichoke should be a light green color without dark spots the size of a grapefruit. Its petals should fit snugly to each other and look fresh, juicy and young.

Before cooking need to trim sharp ends of leaves and the lower part, and remove the dark leaves. Then the artichokes need to be watered with lemon juice, so it is not dark.

Cook the vegetable in the pot of water on a double boiler or baked in the oven. When cooked the water should be salt and add lemon juice if they are not pre-poured artichoke. Steaming retains more useful properties of the product and it doesn't get too watery. Such methods of preparation will reveal its true taste. Cooking time averages about thirty minutes.

Readiness can be identified by a green-brown color of the vegetable, whose leaves can be easily separated. The outer part of the leaf hard, so it does not eat. Eat the inner soft part of the petals.

Tasty artichoke with different sauces. Very suitable sauce consisting of butter, lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a pinch of white pepper. Spices you can add to your liking.