In addition to the huge possibilities of application of the artichokes in cooking, there is the use of plants as a potent antioxidant. It contains a lot of antioxidants - more than in other vegetables. Therefore, this product slows down aging, giving a person the energy and strength.

The use of artichoke is high because of the ability to induce the death of malignant cells. The plant inhibits the development of various forms of cancer, including leukemia. In addition, the vegetable is a unique source of fiber.

Artichokes are good for the liver. Thanks silimarina, the product has long been used in alternative medicine, because it increases tissue regeneration of the liver! And the plant has a diuretic effect.

Even artichokes have long been used for treating hangover. Enough to eat a few leaves of the plant to say goodbye to the withdrawal syndrome.

But there are also dangers of artichoke due to polyphenol, which increases the secretion of bile. It can not be used for patients with cholecystitis and biliary tract disorders. The harm of an artichoke depends on its size. For example, young small vegetable can be eaten raw, and big fruit requires heat processing, because the fibers of the plant become more stringent over time.

Fragrant product retains its quality for weeks, then a wonderful smell of vegetables disappears, it begins to absorb environmental odors and moisture. So many people prefer not to keep the plant fresh, canning or pickling.