Why do I have HPV?

The appearance of warts on the labia is a result of penetration of human papillomavirus in the body. Method of infection – sexual contact with a sick person. Thin skin and sensitive mucosa prone to easy injury, causing the virus enters the epithelium and leads to an unpleasant tumors. The reasons for this unpleasant disease is considered to be:
- early sexual life;
- frequent change of sexual partners;
- refusal of mechanical contraception.
- hormonal disorders;
- harmful habits of Smoking and alcoholism;
- stressful situations;
- deficiency of vitamins A, b, C, folic acid;
- the onset of pregnancy.

Papillomas are external defect of the skin and mucous membranes, also in the absence of a well-chosen treatment of tumors rather quickly and spread throughout the body, rapidly increase in size, can degenerate into a malignant form.

Treatment for warts on labia

First of all, upon detection of unpleasant growths consult the gynecologist and the venereologist to determine an accurate diagnosis. To rule out a malignant process in which require absolutely other treatment. An experienced specialist will conduct an examination and take relevant tests.

Then begins the process of treatment. There are several ways of getting rid of lesions on the labia:
- surgical removal;
- burning electric shock or electrocoagulation;
- removal of the laser beam;
- ozone therapy;
- the effect of radio waves.

Each method of removing warts has its advantages and disadvantages, so individual consultation is required for more effective and safe treatment of skin diseases. After chemical or mechanical influences do not forget about receiving immunomodulators and vitamin complexes, which will improve the body's resistance to virus. A healthy immune the virus is in a state of "hibernation".

After a certain period of time should pass repeated examination to exclude the presence of disease. To further prevent formation of warts on the labia, support the immune system, avoid promiscuity and unprotected contacts. These simple tips will help to prevent infection of the body human papillomavirus.