It should be noted that this type infectious diseases can wear oncogenic and neocolony character. Therefore, in any case, you should not leave warts unattended, as otherwise they can cause cancer.
By itself, the papilloma in the intimate place is a typical growths that should be cause for concern and immediate a visit to the gynecologist for women and urology for men. After all, these rashes on the skin and mucous membranes of intimate areas can significantly speed up the cancer process.

To this disease caused by a variety of sexually transmitted infections (e.g., genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and others), a hormonal imbalance in the body, Smoking, frequent alcohol consumption, etc.

Of course, need expert help to know how to deal with warts. Because during sexual intercourse may be painful sensation and also to occur the injury of tumors. And it is fraught with negative consequences and the emergence of unpleasant secretions from the reproductive system. Papilloma in the intimate place can often cause a strong burning sensation and systemic bleeding.

If a papilloma in the intimate place, the reasons for this may be: leading a chaotic sexual life, poor personal hygiene (common towel, bed linen, washcloth infected person), various stressful situations, a sharp decrease of immune protection, the acceptance of contraceptives over long periods of time and others.

The main methods of getting rid of warts on different parts of the human body are laser removal and cauterization with liquid nitrogen. But liquid nitrogen is only used in case if papilloma in the intimate place struck the skin and the outer sections, because the internal organs and mucous membranes it is not used.

From folk remedies the greatest demand is for various infusions, creams, and juices of plants. For example, garlic cream, for which you need to chop the garlic. One teaspoon of the garlic pulp, you will need two teaspoons of any cream. The mixed composition is spread on a bandage and attaches to affected area for 3-5 hours, rinse with warm water using soap. The same effect has the juice of celandine, which is used as a solution for lubrication of affected skin areas. But in this case it is necessary to consult a specialist, as the juice is quite toxic and can cause skin burns.

Also use green walnuts, which should be pre-crushed. The prepared slurry was put in a quart jar 2/3 part and to the top to fill with purified kerosene. After 3 weeks strain the composition, as the liquid is necessary to lubricate papilloma to extinction.

To prevent viral infection should be regularly boost immunity, which significantly affects the risk of disease. The higher the score, the less the chance of infection of the body in contact with infectious agents. Predisposition to papillomas cancerous process can be revealed during the taking of the PAP smear, which helps identify the changes that occur in the body. The next step would be biopsy material in the laboratory.