Color cappuccino can easily be used in any room: bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc. However, it should be borne in mind that this tone, when used in a small room, where there is dark furniture, is able to visually narrow space, and the room to make gloomy.

In General, this does not mean that small interior room is contraindicated in the shade cappuccino, just the finishing facilities should include some light and bright colors.

With color cappuccino look great on white and beige shades. The combination of such tones give the interior a special freshness.

Good idea with the color "coffee with milk" blends and black, all shades of gray. This combination is suitable for interior large, light-filled spaces because it visually narrows the space.

Win - win situation- the interior combines color cappuccino and orange, and cappuccino, and red. This decision, of course, not everyone will like, but an extraordinary person will appreciate such an unusual combination of colors.

When decorating a room it is worth considering that between two of the selected colors must be a light shade, such as beige.