Advice 1: What color matches the color of cappuccino in the interior

Today already you will surprise nobody with interior in white and also in bright yellow, green, red, orange, etc. Many people try to come up with more interesting and memorable options, however, most still stay in the warm and delicious shade - cappuccino.
Color cappuccino: a combination with other colors

Color cappuccino can easily be used in any room: bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc. However, it should be borne in mind that this tone, when used in a small room, where there is dark furniture, is able to visually narrow space, and the room to make gloomy.

In General, this does not mean that small interior room is contraindicated in the shade cappuccino, just the finishing facilities should include some light and bright colors.

With color cappuccino look great on white and beige shades. The combination of such tones give the interior a special freshness.

Good idea with the color "coffee with milk" blends and black, all shades of gray. This combination is suitable for interior large, light-filled spaces because it visually narrows the space.

Win - win situation- the interior combines color cappuccino and orange, and cappuccino, and red. This decision, of course, not everyone will like, but an extraordinary person will appreciate such an unusual combination of colors.

When decorating a room it is worth considering that between two of the selected colors must be a light shade, such as beige.

Advice 2 : How to make hair color"coffee with milk"

Hair color "coffee with milk" is a difficult and noble shade. It's easily possible to obtain blond hair and hard, but can be made of burning black.
How to make hair color"coffee with milk"
Hair color "coffee with milk" you can create almost any color. Of course, blondes and brown make this easier, but brunettes do not despair – everything is fixable. It's only a matter of time and the condition of the hair. This color has a cool platinum shade, so choosing the ink, should be excluded tones with Golden, caramel and copper color.
Hair color "coffee with milk" is ideal for women with cold blue eyes and slightly tanned skin.
Otherwise, in the sun your hair will leak a bit As dark shade of hair go with the tone of "coffee with milk"? You have two options.

Obtaining the colors with natural remedies

The first method is based on the use of organic components, the second is the use of chemical. The first option is appropriate if the color of your hair 2-3 shades darker than the shade "coffee with milk". If the hair is darker – natural remedies can not do. At home it's hard to reach the cool shade "coffee with milk".

Give your hair a little lighter you can use masks, infusions and decoctions. In this case, the great mask of honey, lemon, white clay and yogurt. You can add other ingredients to not only lighten hair but also strengthen them. The mask is applied to the whole length of the hair to maximize the effect, the hair should be kept warm (wrap the hair with plastic and wrap in a towel) for a long time (at least two hours the longer you hold, the more the hair will be brighter). Disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that the clarification requires a lot of time. These mask do 1-2 times a week, so will take at least 2-4 weeks depending on the condition of your hair. In between the masks you can rinse your hair decoction of chamomile. They will not only be lighter but will have a Shine and strength.

Getting the color by chemical means

The second option give hair color of "coffee with milk" is based on the use of chemical dyes. This is perhaps the most effective method because the color palette of modern paints is quite wide. When painting it is better to use colors that are cool colors. If you use professional dye – the result will be more predictable, since the dyes are mixed in certain proportions, which are selected individually.

The transition from dark hair to a shade "coffee with milk" (if the original color is 2-3 shades darker) is better to do it through the wash. This procedure will save hair from coloring pigment and return your natural color. After washing, you can paint the hair and maintain a cool shade you can use professional shampoos and tonics. They have a lilac color and give the curls a light tone, which is very important in order for the hair color "coffee with milk" was truly noble. Another way of transition - highlighting, it is possible to make the color more natural due to the play of light.
To complete the image for coloring hair in this color don't forget to add to your wardrobe things peach, brown, white and pink tones.

And, perhaps, the most important thing when changing hair colors is to complete the whole look in General is necessary to change the color palette of wardrobe and makeup.

Advice 3 : How to sort by color

Often, those who are engaged in different types of needlework, the question arises - how best to lay out threads for sewing, embroidery thread for embroidery and other necessary in applied creativity things according to the colors, while maintaining the harmony of their combination
How to sort by color
Use the find artists color wheel to match. This circle is based on the natural physical phenomenon of decomposition of white color when it passes through a prism, when the result is a range of shades, arranged in order like the rainbow, namely: red, orange, yellow, then green, blue, Indigo and of course violet.
Using this principle, you can create 8 main color groups, and between them the positioning, for example, floss in-between colors like red-orange or greenish-yellow. The circle is a purple color, which links the basic red and purple.
All shades of this layout are divided into warm and cold, and to warm include red, yellow and orange to a cold blue and blue. Green refers to neutral, and purple can be referred to as warm colors and cold - depending on choice of shade.
Remember that match well with any product the colors that are in the color wheel or next to, or on the opposite side. So beautiful it will look like the combination of orange with yellow and red flowers, and opposite blue, black. This property of the colour circle can be applied both in creativity and in day to day life - for example, when selecting clothes.
Remember the location of colors in the rainbow is a simplified version of the color wheel. The product quiet tones, use colors that are arranged one behind the other, to give the brightness to get the colors one by one (e.g., red-yellow-blue), for contrast, combine colors that are on the edges of the rainbow (e.g., red-violet or red-black).
If you are unsure of the correct choice, first experiment with paints. On a sheet of paper draw lines of the selected colors and view their compatibility, then lay the thread in the same order and making sure that we achieved the right combination and get to work.
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