What colors goes well with the Golden color in the interior

Gold is a rich color, find him a worthy companion - not an easy task. If the room is decorated in light warm tones (beige, peach, gray), making it of gold notes is acceptable, but one should not overdo with their quantity: a few figurines or textile supplies will be enough.

Gold looks incredibly beautiful in combination with chocolate color scheme. If the room has dark brown furniture, Golden Wallpaper, tablecloth and curtains will give the room a special sparkle, accentuate the saturation.

In General, if you decide to freshen up a room with gold Wallpaper, then consider the fact that gold walls, built exclusively with furniture black, beige, gray and brown. If the walls have a neutral living room color, furniture decorated in brown tones, in this case to freshen up the interior by using bring in gold decoration. Arrange them asymmetrically: on the one wall put up picture in a Golden frame, opposite leave "naked".

The most refined looks gold in combination with black, and with a predominance of the second. Matte black walls, beige ceilings and floors, the furniture contrasting with the walls - a great base for art - making in the interior of the gold objects. In this case, the room will perfectly fit the mirror in a Golden frame, Golden curtains with lurex and matching color cushions, pictures and other small decorative items. If you want to give the room freshness, combine gold and turquoise or blue, to emphasize the elegance with purple or cherry.

What color matches the gold color in clothes

The Golden color goes well with many colors, but in the daily way of gold should be minimum: appropriate jewellery, accessories like footwear and bags, scarf, or hat. As for the combinations, one of the winning option is a combination of gold and black. A set composed of a black dress, gold shoes, purse to match the shoes and Burgundy capes are a great option for evening events.

Blue-and-gold ensemble, which is dominated by blue, quite appropriate in a casual manner, and in the evening and the business, and if as a basis to take the blouse or trousers (skirt), classic cut and deep blue color you get feminine official kit.

Nice gold color looks great with purple and all its shades. If you decide to create an image in similar colors, remember that it will only be appropriate at any formal event.

Golden green is an awesome combination. The colors of autumn and summer in one set will always win, and they suit girls of any type, most importantly, choose "your" colors.

If you're daring personality, always loving to be the center of attention, you can combine gold with red outfits. Just remember that the red itself is a bright color, regardless of shade, so the gold image has to be quite a bit. For example, jewelry and shoes, but other accessories is better to choose a neutral color, a great option - beige.