Treatment ingredients

List of ingredients:
- pork tenderloin (2 pieces);
- head onions onion;
- mayonnaise (30 ml);
- hard cheese (50 g);
- salt, pepper to taste.

First you need to work with meat - slice it up thin layers, hit the gavel. Finished layers can be pepper and salt on both sides and leave to soak for half an hour.

At this time you can start processing onions. It must be thoroughly crushed to not have large pieces. In the prepared mixture, you can add only pepper and salt, and few tablespoons of mayonnaise. It is better to use mayonnaise homemade. However, it, like salt and pepper, mix well with onions, so the ingredients are soaked in flavor and aroma each other.

An important part of this dish is the cheese. It must be finely grate. Once all three ingredients ready to use, you can start laying them on the baking tray.

Bake in the oven

After the meat plate had been thirty minutes in their own juice, they can pass on to the pan, which should be covered with parchment. Of course, if there is no risk that the dish will burn, you can put meat on the bare baking sheet. Then each piece of pork should cover the onions so as not to run out of space. The top is placed grated cheese in such quantity that seems most acceptable.

Before you put the full pan in the oven, on the bottom you need to pour a little water. Due to this, the meat will be juicy. Bake the dish better when the temperature is 200oC. Once the cheese is visibly browned, the dish can be considered ready.

French pork will further reveal your taste if it served with a good side dish. In this issue there are practically no restrictions. Despite this, it is best as a side dish suitable potato puree and rice boiled with spices.

You have to understand that French pork is a very nutritious dish, add best vegetable salad having low-fat dressing. You can use a variety of vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, cabbage and carrots, bell peppers and olives.

French pork – the dish of the holiday, therefore, not superfluous decoration. A great option is fresh greens, beautifully laid on the plate. In addition, this salad will contribute to a better assimilation of the meat in the body.