Cheese cake with strawberries

This traditional Scottish dessert usually made with raspberries, but the strawberry flavor gives it a special charm. If you don't like the taste of whiskey, replace it with orange juice.

You will need:
- 450 grams of fresh strawberries;
- 225 g heavy cream;
- 250 g oatmeal cookies;
- 4 tablespoons of whiskey;
- 600 g fatty curd mass;
- 80 g of butter;
- 6 tablespoons of honey;
- 1 tbsp gelatin;
- a few sprigs of fresh mint.

Cookies grind into crumbs using a blender or mortar. Butter mix with half a serving of honey and melt on the stove until smooth. Combine honey-oil mixture with the oat crumb. Wide detachable form grease with fat and spread on the bottom of it and the walls a mixture of breadcrumbs, pressing it with a spoon. Place the workpiece in the fridge for 1 hour.

Gelatin fill 4 tablespoons of water and put on the stove. Stirring occasionally, heat the mixture until complete dissolution of crystals. Cool slightly the gelatin and add whiskey. Strawberries wash, some beautiful big berries set aside the rest of the mash into a puree. Whip the cream in solid foam, mix the soft cheese with the remaining honey and then portions enter the cream and strawberry puree. Add the gelatine and mix thoroughly.

Remove the form and fill it in strawberry cottage cheese mass, carefully rethrownew it with a spoon. Put the cake in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Then remove it from the mold and place on a platter. Product garnish with fresh mint leaves and whole strawberries.

Strawberry cake at Genoa

This cake combines two types of dough - sponge and puff. A light layer of whipped cream with strawberries makes the dessert taste very delicate.

You will need:
- 4 eggs;
- 115 g of wheat flour;
- 115 grams of sugar;
- 0,25 teaspoons of salt;
- 3 tablespoons of melted butter.

To layer and decorate:
- 230 g strawberries;
4, a layer of prepared puff body;
- 300 g heavy cream;
- powdered sugar;
- 1 tablespoon of butter.

Prepare the sponge cake. The eggs with the sugar RUB the white, putting a pot on a pot of boiling water. Remove the bowl with the mixture from the heat and continue whisking. The mixture should thicken.

Sift the flour and mix it with salt. Half portions of flour, add to egg mixture. Melt the butter and a thin stream pour it into the dough. Gradually stir in remaining flour. Pour the batter into a round shape, greased, and bake about half an hour in the oven, preheated to 190оС. The finished biscuit should become elastic and acquire a beautiful Golden color. Place the cake on a Board and refrigerate.

Sheets of puff pastry fold together, lubricating the surface with melted butter. Round notch cut out some blanks, parts of the circles, moisten with water. Fold each blank into the shape of a flower. Roll out remaining dough and cut out a circle equal in size to the sponge. Bake puff blank into an oven heated to 190оС.

Cut cake crosswise into three parts. Strawberries wash and dry, the cream whisk in a thick foam. Biscuit promazyvaya whipped cream, on top of which lay the halved strawberries. Assemble the cake with folded layers of fluff cake at each other. Top cover with a puff pastry crust and sprinkle it with powdered sugar. The remaining strawberries slice and expand in a fan. Lay them on the surface of the cake, alternating flowers of puff pastry. Again sprinkle the product with icing sugar.