Advice 1: How to brew coffee in a thermos

To take coffee in a thermos – what could be better for a long journey? This is especially important for those who travel constantly by car and far. In a thermos, you can brew as black coffee, and green. In addition, thermos is the perfect utensils for brewing coffee for home use, for example, if you want to serve coffee to guests.
How to brew coffee in a thermos

Coffee in a thermos for the road

Scald the flask with boiling water, then pour the ground coffee. Use approximately ¾ of the normal dose. As coffee continues to brew on the road for a long time, it will be very strong, if put the usual amount of coffee powder. Typically, 1 liter of water is enough 9-10 spoons of black coffee. It is better to take fine grind.

Leave the flask for 2-3 minutes, but the lid do not close. After this time, add sugar or milk to taste and then tighten the cap. Coffee datawrite on the road.

True gourmets say that brewed in a coffee thermos can be stored only for 2 hours, then it gradually loses its flavor and aroma. Nevertheless, the refreshing properties of the drink 2 hours later did not disappear.

How to brew in a thermos green coffee

For those who prefer to take green coffee also have their own recipes for the thermos, and they are even simpler. Unlike black coffee, green does not lose its properties over many hours, so be worried about the loss of flavor and aroma.

Rinse the thermos inside with hot water, then pour coffee in the right quantity. Use 10-12 teaspoons of ground green coffee to 1 liter of boiling water. Wait a few minutes without closing the lid: it is necessary that water cooling is not lost good taste. You can then close the thermos and take with you.

To improve the taste in the green coffee, you can add cinnamon, fresh berries or fruit, mint leaves, slices of lime, some finely chopped ginger. Green coffee is good because it allows you to more actively experiment with additives than black. It is possible for the reason that green coffee taste is much less pronounced in itself.

Brewing coffee for home

Sometimes you need to quickly prepare delicious coffee for a big company, and coffee makers are the right volume at hand. Cook everything in the Turk would be very long, since there will be several passes, and yet be ready last Cup, the first has become cold and insipid. Some people brewed coffee in the pot, but this method requires special skills, as the drink quickly and quietly boils and turns tasteless. Thermos – excellent dishes, allowing you to flavored coffee in the right quantity.

Preparing coffee in a thermos for about 10 minutes. Rinse the thermos with boiling water, then place coffee the rate of 12 teaspoons of black fine-ground coffee per 1 liter of water, then pour one or two cups of boiling water. Now wait for 5 minutes, cover tightly do not close, just enough to cover the thermos. Then open it and add boiling water to the desired volume. Wait another 5 minutes. Coffee is ready! It remains only to strain it and pour into cups.

Advice 2: How to brew coffee in the Cup

True connoisseurs of coffee prefer to cook it in the Turk, or at least in the coffee machine. But if you cook "real coffee" no, it is not necessary to use soluble surrogate. Natural ground coffee, brewed in the Cup, of course, inferior to the beverage prepared according to the rules, but even great than soluble and good in taste and flavor. The main thing is to brew coffee in the Cup correctly.
How to brew coffee in the Cup
You will need
  • - coffee fine grind;
  • - kettle
  • - a Cup or glass with thick walls;
  • cover to Cup or saucer;
  • - sugar to taste.
A Cup of coffee is prepared rather quickly, so to make it use fine-ground coffee – the rate of extraction is much higher, hence the drink will be more fragrant and tasty. Some manufacturers make on the packaging, and fine ground coffee marked "For brewing in a Cup."
A Cup for brewing coffee is better to choose thick-walled, ideally ceramic. It should be well to retain heat, otherwise the water cools down before the coffee brew. Before cooking preheat Cup, the Bay it boiling water for a minute or two, or just hold it under running hot water from the tap.
Pour in the Cup of one to two teaspoons of ground coffee. If you drink coffee with sugar – just add sugar and it will help coffee grounds to settle at the bottom. If you want you can add spices: pinch of ground cinnamon or ginger, cardamom, nutmeg. Would be appropriate and a few grains of salt: they make the coffee flavor milder.
Pour the coffee with boiling water. The optimum water temperature for making coffee – 96-98оС, but, until the stream pouring from the kettle into the Cup, the liquid has time to cool slightly. So water, boiled a few minutes ago, coffee is not suitable: the final temperature will be too low.
Stir quickly and cover the coffee Cup lid (can use a saucer). Let stand two or three minutes, and then remove the cover. It is not necessary to mix the drink and to disturb settled on the bottom of the coffee grounds – fine particles of coffee, falling into language, able to spoil all the fun.
Coffee, brewed in a Cup, sometimes called the "coffee Polish". This recipe has another ironic name - "coffee Waterski".
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