You will need
    • tea
    • water
    • sugar and lemon
    • optional
    • thermos
Thermos made use of on long journeys, in nature and most often it is brewed tea. What sort of brewing tea for a thermos is best? Here great importance is the time of year when you plan to visit. For winter it is best to use black varieties, and for summer green.
Preliminary preparation welding takes a little time and at first sight it seems not easy. And, despite the fact that there are whole traditions of the tea ceremony, in the absence of the time they are not all available. The most important thing in the preparation of any beverage - water. Best of all, if it is purified, that is, filtered. Thus, it is possible to obtain a more soft and clean taste, free from impurities. For brewing of any tea, including for thermos, no need to bring water to a boil steep. Wait until numerous small bubbles, and safely remove the water from heat.
Orietta teapot with boiling water, then poured 1 tsp. dry welding or a pinch of the herbal tea (it can be lime, Melissa, raspberry, tarragon and other herbs) to 1 Cup of water. Tea pour boiling water, covered and infused for 10-15 minutes. After this scalding tea ready to pour it into a thermos. Because this way you can get a strong brew, you should dilute it with boiling water until full thermos. Until you get to the place of destination, the tea is further infused and will become a unique, tart taste and aroma.