The recipe for the candied lemons

To prepare the candied lemons you will need a minimum number of ingredients – lemons, sugar and water. Please note that the lemons before use should carefully be washed using the usual toothbrush. The lemon peel will not srazhatsya, so it must be the most clean of dirt.

Before using the lemons soak in cold water for 30-40 minutes. Then carefully slice each fruit rings. The ideal thickness of slices at the same time – 0.5 cm is Too thin slices may not retain the desired shape.

In a small saucepan connect the 300 ml of water and one Cup sugar. Bring the mixture to a boil and wait until complete dissolution of crystals. Put in syrup slices of lemon. Boil the workpiece is sufficient for 15-20 minutes, stirring lightly. Do not rush immediately to remove the lemons from the syrup. The sweet liquid they have to steep for 30 minutes.

Lemon workpiece put on a paper towel and leave for a few hours to dry, sprinkle them with sugar or powdered sugar. Lemon slices should be absolutely dry and slightly harden. Finished candied fruit cut into small cubes or half-rings.

Candied lemon peels

If you like tea with lemon or just are a fan of this citrus fruit, don't hurry to throw away its peel. Lemon peel can periodically freeze in the refrigerator, and the accumulation of the desired amount, cook them a delicious candied fruit.

The main difference between the recipe for candied lemon peels from Goodies from whole fruit – the duration of pre-soaking. Peel lemons it is better to leave in cold water at least two days. During this time of them completely out of bitterness. Please note that the water must be periodically replaced on the net.

Lemon peel after settling, place in a small saucepan. In this case, you can use the water in which was soaked the workpiece. Add the sugar so that the boiling time was very sweet and full-bodied syrup.

Boil the lemon peel should be at least 30-40 minutes. During this process you may receive the foam, which is rather easy to remove with a spoon. Wait for the cooling of the syrup and place the lemon peel on a dry baking sheet. Dry preform in the oven for a few minutes. Peel lemons cut into strips or cubes, sprinkle with sugar and place in a bowl.

Lemon candied own cooking you can turn into a sweet gift. For this you will need a small transparent bags or boxes. The packaging can be decorated to your own, and a mixture of candied fruits complement colored balls from the glaze.