What is candied fruit? It's fresh berries or fruits, some vegetables, and citrus peel cooked in a sugar syrup, dried and glazed. All the ingredients are pre-soaked in water. It is necessary that the fruit in the heat treatment process is not lost the original shape. Finished candied fruit should be stored in glass containers, tightly zakuporit.

How to cook candied

Recipe candied orange peel attracts by the simplicity of the process and the unlimited shelf life of the finished dessert. To properly prepare the candied orange essential thick skin. Cleansed peel should be washed, then neatly cut into equal-sized parts.

To neutralize the bitter taste, the slices of orange peel, it is recommended to boil in large volume of water is about three minutes. The cooled components are then placed in a container with cold water and leave for three to five days. Necessarily every day to change the water. Capacity must be placed in a cool place, otherwise its contents may become unfit for cooking.

After the orange peel is removed from the water, it must be weighed. After all, prepare the syrup should be in strict proportion: for 1 kg peel 2 liters of water and 1.2 kg of sugar.

How to cook a syrup

Water bring to a boil, then add the sugar, mix well and again bring to boil. Then place the orange peel into the syrup and cook until until the liquid becomes thick. The appearance of the dessert resembles jam.

Ready candied need to cool – it takes four or five hours, then each crust, roll in powdered sugar and place on dessert dish. After the candied fruit stands, they must be carefully folded into a glass jar. To keep the dessert should be refrigerated.

Cooked this way the candied fruit can be used for filling cupcakes, cakes, rolls, add ice cream or whipped cream, are eaten as a separate dessert.