Mineral water children's menu: why you need it?

Mineral waters are divided into natural and artificial mineral. Natural mined from the earth and artificial enriched with minerals and salts with the appropriate equipment. In accordance with Russian GOST standards the total mineralization of the water should be at least 1 g/l, and the number of active micro components not lower than balneological standards, the iron content not less than 10 mg/cubic DM., carbon dioxide 500 mg/cub. DM, iodine 5-10 mg/cubic DM., silica 50 mg/cub. DM and organic matter not less than 5-15 mg/cubic decimeter.)

To drink large quantities of healthy people can water the salinity of which is up to 1 g/cu DM. inclusive. This water is called the dining room. There are still medical (with mineralization from 1 to 10 g/cub. DM) and mineral water (containing salts and minerals from 10 to 15 g/cub. DM), the use of which should happen by the doctor.

Mineral water designed specifically for children - is a myth, a publicity stunt to attract buyers. In most cases it is ordinary mineral water. Pediatricians tend to the opinion that the optimal age for consumption of mineral water is older than two years. Prior to this, almost all the necessary micronutrients child can get mother's milk.

Because children often suffer from impaired emptying of the intestines, mineral water at the rate of half a glass 15 minutes before each meal helps to regulate the gastrointestinal tract. The essential advantage of the mineral water for kids is a fast quenching thirst and replenishing electrolyte balance in hot weather, because children are often restless and in motion faster sweat. Also the benefit is improved circulation, lipid metabolism and cleansing the body of toxins.

Nutritionists agree that the best absorbed water extracted in the region or nearby areas. The deeper the well is, the more likely use.

Cons of mineral water

If you follow the precautions and don't abuse mineral water, harm from it will not. Drinking water children can drink up to 5 cups a day.

Absolute contraindications to the use of mineral water there, but each grade has its own chemical composition, so you should carefully read the information on the label. For example, the content of chlorine increases the secretion of gastric juice, and the presence of sulphides, on the contrary, decreases.

Carbonated mineral water in children can cause flatulence and flatulence. In addition, in the supermarket, mineral water is most often located in refrigerators and cold water with gas when released into the warm acidic environment of the stomach can cause undesirable reactions and even cause rupture of the esophagus.

It should also be remembered that the mineral water enriched with salt, and the salt tends to accumulate in the body. Sometimes the best option for a child can be just carefully filtered water from the tap.