The classic rules of etiquette for a woman to give flowers to members of the opposite sex in a strictly specified cases: if a man is guilty of a major celebration or event and provided that age-male older women giving him flowers. However, if you really want to please the man in some original bouquet without regard for Convention, you can give him a wonderful gift: bouquet of dried fish, decorated in floral regulation.

Laconic bouquet for tough men

If a man has a strong character, not prone to the manifestation of the romanticism that is representative of the harsh male-dominated profession, it is not excluded that he will like a bouquet of dried fish wrapped instead of wrapping paper in the newspaper.

To make this bouquet will be easy select the right amount of dried fish wrapped in several layers of newsprint, giving it the shape of the bouquet. To make bright, festive notes and a fixing composition, a roll bandage wrapping fancy ribbon.

Exquisite bouquet

Men who appreciate the expression of imagination and originality of thinking, you can give a more complex composition and design a bouquet of roach. As the basis of the composition can serve as a large beer mug or a wicker basket, depending on the number of fishes for the bouquet.

As decorative elements can be useful for salt drying, pistachios, peanuts, small shiny fish like smelt, squid rings and various floral components: twigs, buds, tape, wrapping paper, jute mesh for bouquets, etc.

In order to avoid excessive specific "fragrance" of the future bunch of roaches, you need to pack each fish in a double layer of cellophane. The upper edge of the package probivaetsya and tied with elegant ribbon. The lower edge of the package also tied a solid ribbon between the folds of cellophane inserted small sticks, playing the role of the stem.

Pistachios are placed on toothpicks, then they formed a small composite groups: place the nuts in the form of bunches, and in the form of a multi-level composition, fixing some of its elements on a decorative branch-based tape.

A bouquet of roaches is placed in a beer mug or a basket, executed decorative elements: floral mesh, small twigs, drying, buds are made of rings of squid, nuts.