Bed bugs feed on human blood regularly every 5-6 days. Day insects digest food, and in the night creep on a hunt. If in the morning you found red bite marks on the body and pink spots on linens, you need to look for the lair of the parasites.

Where bed bugs hide

Refuge of bed bugs is not so difficult, although they are trying to choose a secluded hard to reach places. Look for the insects themselves, their eggs, old empty brown skins and excrement. Here's what you need to explore first:

• Bed linen is the favorite lair of the bugs. If you see small spots of blood and traces of excrement, linen should be thoroughly washed in hot water with the powder.
• Lift the mattresses and flip them. Inspect all seams, slots, pockets, and padding covers. Looking for skins or live bugs.
• Will have to look under the bed. Better to do it with a lamp or carrying a powerful flashlight, otherwise you won't see lurking in the dark corners insects.
• You can try sharply at night to turn on the light. Pets bed bugs will follow and will begin to seek shelter.
• Space around the bed are also potentially dangerous because bed bugs do not usually stray far from a warm-blooded object that feed. Inspect the cracks between the floorboards, the space under the baseboards and don't forget to look under the window sill.
• Bedbugs can hide in door and window frames. Look for them in those hard to reach places will help plastic card, which can be forced out the cracks where insects or their traces.
• Furniture drawers also need to check out. If the cabinets have cracks and explore them.
• Pillows, comforters and upholstery often serve as shelter for bed bugs.
• Insects may be hiding among the Souvenirs on the shelves, with framed paintings and lamps.
• If you have wall areas with peel off Wallpaper, be sure to check them out. The same applies to cracks in the plaster.
• Visually inspect panel switches and sockets, in any case not podzeplje them with a screwdriver or other tools. If bugs made their lair there will be visible traces of them.
• Check the inside of stationary watches and phones, toys and boxes.

How to get rid of bed bugs

To get rid of a colony of bed bugs home independently with the help of special tools. This must be done carefully, observing all precautions listed in the instructions for use. At the time of the pest must be removed from the home for children and animals.

There are professional teams for disinfection, which quickly relieve the premises from insects.