Despite the name, the birthplace of the Bulgarian pepper is not Bulgaria, and America. Sweet pepper is considered one of the most useful vegetables, this champion on the content of vitamins can be consumed as raw, and stewed, baked, boiled, pickled and fried. Between yellow, green and red pepper, there is a difference not only in the taste of the fruit, but also on their nutritional value.

Peppers and vitamin content

In respect of peppers there is a myth: it is believed that the yellow fruit is more sweet than green or red. But in fact it contains more sugar in a green and red pods. But fat more in the red pepper.

The color of bell peppers depends on the content of carotenoids in the yellow pepper them. The fruit of this color is recommended for use to people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Yellow sweet pepper helps to normalize the functioning of kidneys, it contributes to the strengthening of the bones.

Green pepper gets this color due to the phytosterols, a plant analogue of such substances as cholesterol. This bell pepper is involved in the metabolism of fats.

Red peppers contains more than the daily dose of ascorbic acid – as much as 200 gr. Therefore, the vegetable easily surpasses citrus, black currant. Red pepper helps to normalize blood pressure, the digestive system. This sweet pepper thins the blood, increases appetite.

An invaluable benefit pepper

In the Bulgarian pepper, regardless of color, many b vitamins In particular, vitamins B6 and B9, which help strengthen the walls of blood vessels. These substances help to fight stress, insomnia, fatigue, memory impairment. B vitamins are particularly necessary for diabetics.

Useful sweet peppers and due to the presence in the composition of vitamin A. This substance has a positive effect on skin, stimulates hair growth, so vivid fruits recommended for consumption to people suffering from baldness. Carotene also improves vision.

Sweet pepper is rich in antioxidants, resulting in the neutralization of free radicals. Regular consumption of yellow, green, orange and red vegetables allows you to increase the body's defenses. However you need to remember that pepper can not be included in the menu in the presence of gastric ulcer, gastritis, ischemia, hypertension.