Comparative characteristics of beds made of metal and wood

Iron beds made of metal tubes welded in a General framework. Backless monolithic wooden products are much stronger than the back of the metal pipes. To make the frame for the iron beds used mesh, springs, slats. These elements may eventually be deformed to SAG, stretch, even break. But no matter how long you have not used wooden bed, it does not change its original appearance and quality characteristics.

Wooden bed looks harmoniously in any interior. It emits a natural warmth, comfort and a feeling of tranquility.
Iron bed more practical, it can be stacked. But the metal pieces of furniture are kept apart by themselves and give the interior a certain coldness and detachment.

Where you going to sleep?

When buying a bed you need to pay attention to the load-bearing elements: blocks, slats, bars. The best option is a combo bed: metal frame with wooden components. Are these products a bit more expensive, but the quality of the products is unsurpassed. You should also "sniff" for bed. If it smells strongly of varnish, it is a sure sign of poor quality product.

Comparing the iron and wooden beds, it is impossible not to take into account the price difference between them. The most expensive are the beds, made of solid wood. Budget beds from MDF, particle Board, fiberboard.

Recently the furniture market is increasingly becoming a stylish iron beds, with upgraded elements. An important component of any bed is the mattress. Today, affordable orthopaedic mattresses from natural materials.

No matter how far stepped progress, still a classic of the genre remains a wooden bed. It is further chosen remaining elements of the interior. It has no equal in terms of environmental friendliness, durability and beauty. At all times, the sales leader was the bed of the natural oak.

Beds, which are based on metal, not so popular. Many buyers pushes the sensation of cold by contact with cold iron. It is best to make the bedroom a wrought-iron bed. But provided that the order is executed by a professional.