Advice 1: What can you make out the remaining dough for dumplings

If you still have dough after cooking dumplings, do not worry. It is possible to cook many other meals - easy, tasty and healthy. Their preparation will not take much time, and they are sure to appeal to all members of the household.
What can you make out the remaining dough for dumplings
If the hostess is preparing dumplings at home, she often stays extra dough. You need to use it as soon as possible, otherwise the paste will dry up and make it nothing happens. Do not store the dumpling dough without the shell, be sure to tighten in a plastic bag or wrap and store in the refrigerator. And when you have time, take it and lightly mash with your hands. Recipes for dumpling dough there is a great variety.

A simple dish

Quickly and easily from dumpling dough to prepare noodles and "bows". Noodles should roll out scraps of dough in a thin layer and cut into narrow strips. Thinner and more elegant you come out of these strips, the better it will look noodles. Cooked noodles immediately add in chicken or beef broth, or spread on a Board to dry, and then put in storage. Such noodles are much healthier and most importantly tastier than the store.

"Bows" are preparing too just. The dough is rolled out and cut from it slices, as for dumplings. But the filling is put in the "bows" do not need each circle just going in "accordion" in the middle. Cook Farfalle in salted water or broth, and served with butter, sugar or grated cheese. Such products can be frozen as dough.

For making dumplings roll out the remains of the dumpling dough first on the sausage, and then each sausage mash on the strip width of about 3-4 cm These strips should be slightly thicker than the tortillas for the dumplings. Let the dough dry, then cut each strip the width of the short dumplings. Dumplings can be dried and stored like pasta, but it is better to use immediately. They are perfectly suited to goulash and other meat dishes.

More complicated dishes

From the remnants of dumpling dough can be prepared well-known dumplings. Toppings are used from those that are home — boiled potatoes, cottage cheese, mushrooms, sauerkraut, cherry. Dumplings can be done for the future — that is, to freeze them in the freezer, then remove and cook when it's convenient.

A delicious dish for Breakfast or dinner will be bread from dumpling dough with filling. For cooking you need to roll out the tortillas the same thickness as in the dumplings, but more the size. On one half of the pellet is put thinly sliced sausage or ham, some cheese, and then closes all of the second half of the tortillas, as is done for making pasties. The dish is laid out on a pan with oil and slightly fry the dough was prepared, and the sausage and cheese warmed up.

Another great dish is the roll out dumpling dough. Stuffing, you can choose to taste. The dough is rolled out thin layer, preferably in the form of a large circle, smeared with sour cream or mayonnaise. The layer of dough evenly apply a thin layer of filling — minced meat or minced meat, mixed with finely chopped vegetables — tomatoes, carrots, peppers. Then the entire surface should scatter a few small pieces of butter. The roll is wrapped and laid in the steamer. The dish is cooked for 40-45 minutes, served with sour cream, ketchup, sauces.

Advice 2: What can you make out of macaroni and sausage

Pasta and sausage - a popular and nutritious foods. Combining them, you will get an interesting dish that will decorate your table, will not get tired of cooking, will surprise with a new taste. Preparing it is simple - casserole.
What can you make out of macaroni and sausage

Sausage and macaroni casserole


- cooked pasta - 250 g;
- hard cheese - 200 g;
- vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l;
- smoked sausage;
- tomatoes - 3 PCs;
- eggs - 3 PCs;
onion - 1 piece;
cream - 120 ml;
- salt and ground black pepper;
- parsley.

First boil pasta as usual, but not covariate, may not be fully ready. Drain, dry, add 1 tbsp oil and stir it. Cheese, sausage cut into cubes, onion shred small straw. Wash the tomatoes, top with a knife make an incision in the shape of a cross, put in a saucepan, pour over boiling water, let soak in boiling water - then the skin easier to remove, remove the skin, pulp is also cut into strips.

The oven before baking requires heat, so turn it in advance, setting the temperature regime of 200. Find a convenient form in which to make a casserole, grease it with oil. Stir in: pasta, tomatoes, cheese, sausage, onions, put the spices, download all in chosen baking form.

Whisk together in a separate Cup or dish the eggs, salt, pour in the cream, again all beat with a whisk, pour the sauce into the pasta. If the form with a lid, cover it and place into the oven, and if no cover, close the top with foil.

Keep the casserole in the oven for 20-25 minutes, remove, then remove the foil or open the lid, bake another 15 minutes until the surface appears ruddy Golden crust. The prepared mixture is cool, cut into flat pieces, sprinkle with herbs. Can set the table.

Salad with sausage and macaroni

Even with the pasta and sausage you can think of such an original salad: take cooked pasta in the shape of horns, mixed with any cooked sausage, finely chopped, add the bell pepper, fresh tomatoes or a choice of cucumber, add the cooked carrot, diced, salt, season with lowfat mayonnaise. The number of products has no exact dosage depends on your taste. Salad turns out very nutritious and juicy.

Sausage meatballs with pasta

To make sausage patties cooked sausage in desired amount of grate, pour into it 2-3 raw eggs, shred the onion (1 piece), green, stir in the sifted flour to form a thickish consistency, if you like, you can grate the cheese. To take a lot of need a dining room or a dessert spoon, put into a frying pan and fry on both sides. To the table serve with pasta.

Advice 3: Test recipes for tasty pasties

Delicious pasties came to us from the Turkic peoples. A fragrant dish with fried crust with a modern interpretation in addition to meat has many other stuffings – vegetable and vegetable. But not only filling the difference between these rosy cakes, recipes the dough for chebureks also varied. The same in all recipes, one thing remains – the dough for pasties must be unleavened.
Test recipes for tasty pasties


The classic version of the dough for chebureks with flour and water

According to the traditional dough recipe for chebureks we will need quite a bit of products: a couple of glasses flour, 1 glass of hot water, a little vegetable oil and salt to taste.

The basic rule for cooking any dough for pasties – the flour be sure to sift the flour through a sieve. It's a classic, and neglect it not worth it. Well, unless someone wants to conduct an experiment for comparison. Then it's simple (because the number of products minimal): in a glass of boiling water, add salt, vegetable oil, then gradually pour in the contents of the Cup into the bowl with the sifted flour and knead the dough. The dough is kneaded until then, until it becomes elastic, will cease to stick to hands and the table. Then let him lie down for an hour or two and only then can you make pasties of any chosen toppings.

The dough for pasties with vodka

The dough for pasties with vodka is perfect for conservative people, those who adhere to even in cooking classical canons and does not want to reinvent the wheel. Because vodka is added to the dough for chebureks solely to give the crust crunch. The most inveterate drinkers may not have to worry about the feeling of alcohol in the cakes – it's just there, because vodka the heat treatment evaporates.

The dough recipe for pasties with vodka is as easy as the classic. The composition of the products is the same, only in addition to all add a tablespoon of vodka.

The dough for pasties in the oven.

The dough for pasties kefir turns out amazingly soft and doesn't harden even the next day if suddenly you could not eat all cooked pasties at once.

The ingredients on the dough for chebureks on the yogurt: half a kilo of flour, 1 Cup fresh (not sour) yogurt, 1 egg and salt.

To prepare the dough for pasties kefir is no more difficult than on the water. To combine the kefir with a raw egg and salt, beat well with a fork, gradually adding flour. Knead the dough. It should not be too soft and stick to the table and hands, but tough to do. As always, give it a chance to "rest" a while and then start making the pasties.

Choux pastry for chebureks

Perhaps the most popular among our Housewives use exactly choux pastry for pasties. Probably because even cold, it remains soft. To this recipe add a teaspoon of vodka.

For the choux pastry for the pasties we need the following products: a couple of cups of flour, half Cup water, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, egg and salt.

How to make choux pastry for pasties. Boil in a small saucepan with water add salt and a spoon of vegetable oil. Once the water boils, turn off the heat and pour into a bowl one-half cups flour, all quickly stir and allow to cool a little so that the egg not cooked. In the slightly cooled mixture add the egg, knead it and put in a bowl with the rest of the flour. Knead the dough, as always, give him time to settle.

Tip: when you roll out the dough on pasties, pinch his hands, and the tines of a fork. So it turns out much prettier.




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