Anal fissure and hemorrhoids completely different diseases that make the patient's life is equally unbearable. There are different ways of their treatment, but they are all aimed at addressing the primary symptom is pain.

Treatment of anal fissure

Anal fissure — healing fissure of the anus, characterized by discharge of blood from the anus during defecation and severe pain during defecation. Fissures the anal canal in most cases heal on their own, but it is necessary to create certain conditions. These include the following: proper nutrition, helps to normalize stool consistency and ointments that prevent excessive friction.

In some cases, formed deep cracks reaching the inner sphincter, which is when the contraction increases pain, impedes blood flow to the wound and prevents it from closing. To resolve this pathology requires conservative and surgical treatment.

Conservative treatment of anal fissures: ointment use "Nifedipine", healing muscle sphincter and not the crack itself, which leads to increased vascularity of the wound; performing the injections "Botulinum toxin, which relaxes the sphincter.

Surgical treatment: fissurectomy — excision of the fissure and sphincterotomy - incision of the internal sphincter. After these operations, the pain disappears within the first day.

Hemorrhoid treatment

Hemorrhoids varicose hemorrhoidal veins located in the anus. The disease is manifested bloody discharge from the rectum, worse during stool, with red blood can remain on the feces, toilet paper or underwear. External hemorrhoids is characterized by an increase of hemorrhoids, which represent a convex formations located near the external sphincter of the anus.

To get rid of hemorrhoids must follow a diet to alleviate the chair. The diet should include foods with plenty of fiber. You should drink a day at least 2 liters of pure water. Conservative treatment includes the use of rectal suppositories "relif", "Natalise, which reduces pain and other symptoms. For the treatment of hemorrhoids average degree use of drugs that increase venous tone: "Detralex", "Aescusan", "Protonic". Among folk remedies, the most effective is the infusion or decoction of oak bark and horse chestnut. If all these treatments do not relieve pain and improve the patient's condition, then resort to surgical intervention.