Why butthole crack?

Anal fissure is a tear on the surface of the mucous membrane of the rectum, provoked by the increased tone of the external sphincter. Such a deviation causes pain in the process of defecation may be accompanied by bleeding. The disease in acute or chronic form. In the first case, patients complain of sharp pain in the sacrum and perineum. At the transition of the pathology of chronic pain weaken, but inflamed colon, appear pus formation, person bother persistent constipation or diarrhea – the main culprits of anal fissures.

Also anal fissure can appear for the following reasons:
- the worms lay eggs and cause itching (at constant brushing people injure the anus);
- chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the rectum;
- anal sex;
- mechanical injuries;
- a long "sitting" on the toilet, causing the stagnation of blood in the anus and lining damage.

Methods for the treatment of cracks in the anal hole

Treatment of anal fissures is medical or surgical means. The aim of both techniques is the reduction of the tonus of the external sphincter of the anus. Obtaining medical treatment the problem is solved by normalization of the chair. After surgery, implying the production of incision of the circular muscle of the anus, the patient's pain disappear and heal quickly breaks. The operation is complemented by posterolateral, or drug therapy.

Treatment anal fissures traditional medicine

Quickly get rid of the cracks will help bath, to prepare which you will need the following ingredients:
- grass knotweed – 2-3 tablespoons;
- hop cones – 3 PCs.;
- boiling water – 400 ml.

Chopped herbs and buds poured into an enamel bowl and pour boiling water. The tool set on a slow fire, bring to a boil and boil 3 minutes. Ready broth cover with a lid, wrapped in a warm blanket and leave to infuse. After 2 hours warm infusion is poured into the basin and sit in it so that the anus is well in contact with the healing remedy. In the future, such baths must be taken after each bowel movement, pre-washing the anus. End of procedure lubrication of the anus with olive oil or ointment Solkoderm.

In the treatment of anal fissures proven tampons with aloe juice. All that is needed for their preparation is cotton, bandage and freshly squeezed juice of the plant. Tampon plentifully moisten with juice and insert into the anus at night.

Cure fissure on anus, and using the rectal suppositories prepared according to a traditional recipe. For this 8 hop cones and 3/4 Cup chopped herbs Hypericum pour 1.5 cups of boiling water and boil on low heat for 3 minutes. The resulting broth insist 4 hours and filtered from the residue. Next, 0.5 kg of unsalted fat pork cut into small cubes and drown in the pan. The previously prepared infusion combined with melted fat and mix thoroughly. After the medium hardens, it is placed in cellophane or rolled a sheet of paper and hide it in the freezer. From the hardened mixture is cut and the candles inserted into the anus, 2 times a day (preferably after a bowel movement). The course of treatment – 1 week.