What they girl born in February

In the old days, choosing a name for the newborn on the list, parents focused more on the time of year when the baby was born. It was decided to give a soft, gentle name to a child born during the harsh winter, thereby, as would be softening the effects of nature on the fate of the baby.

Leadership qualities of girls born in February, begin to manifest at a very early age. They confidently go to the goal, quickly and confidently make important decisions.

Undoubtedly, the February children have unusually controversial nature. They are ambitious, impulsive and smart

February names for girls

Agnes. The Greek name, which means "chaste", "pure". This name is able to mitigate the natural coldness baby girl born in February. Her character will be more soft and flexible, which will help her in life.

Agatha. In translation from Greek – "good", "good". This name will add to a child born in winter, compassion and understanding.

Anna. The Hebrew name, which can be translated as "pretty", "the grace of God." A popular name for girls born in February. Cold and calculating child, it can give of sincerity and to develop creativity.

Anastasia. Greek name meaning "resurrection." It's harmonious and extraordinarily beautiful, the name can bring happiness and luck to a child born in winter.

Valentine. This name comes from the Latin word "Valeo", which means "health", "might" and "power". This energy and a very strong name, which gives its holders positive and easy-going character. If the child was born weak, this name is able to protect him from illness and give vitality.

Victoria. Origin – from the Latin word "victory". The name gives its owners controversial, however, for girls born in February, it fits very well. This name is able to curb impulsive outbursts, which is typical of people who were born in February.

Xenia. This name is of Greek origin. The value of him – "the foreigner", "guest". Name is able to make their possessor a more organized, efficient, patient, and hardy.

Kristina (Christina). The name has Greek roots and means "Christian", "committed to Christ". The owners of this great name are of a great love of life and optimism. It makes February the girl more open and friendly.

Maria. The Hebrew name, which translates as "bitter", "stubborn", "favorite". The name Maria in different variations have become the most common on the planet. It may counterbalance many of the negative traits that are inherent in a particular zodiac sign.

Other names that fit the February girls: Inna, Rima, Evdokia, Olga, Ekaterina, Alexandra, Veronica, Vasilisa, Alevtina, Galina, Zoya, Irina, Svetlana, Arina, Faith, Sophia, Pelagia, Theodosia.