Smoking electronic cigarette in contrast to Smoking conventional, saves the human body from the revenues of carbon monoxide, cyanide, tar, benzene, ammonia, heavy metals and other harmful substances. In the result, the light gradually cleared, is coughing, improved sense of smell and taste, reduced risk of developing cancer of the respiratory tract. While Smoking electronic cigarette no smoke, and therefore, the surrounding will not suffer from passive Smoking. Therefore, the electrocigarette you can smoke where you can't light a regular. Electronic cigarettes eliminate these unpleasant things, like the smell of tobacco breath, clothes and hands of smokers. Man does not need a lighter and an ashtray, no threats to burn clothes, furniture.
However, the use of electronic cigarettes does harm to the body. Often, many smokers who switched from conventional cigarettes to electronic ones, trying to increase the strength of liquids to get the effect that was achieved previously. As a result, it leads to overdose of nicotine, the symptoms of which are dizziness, headache, nausea, increased salivation, abdominal pain, diarrhea and General weakness. The realization that cigarette "virtually harmless", leads to the temptation to take her again and again. As a result the person starts to smoke a lot more often sincerely believing that does not cause any harm to the body. As a result of possible overdose of nicotine.
Advertising often presents an electronic cigarette as a means to quit Smoking. A smoker can significantly lower the harm to the body, using cartridges or liquid with less nicotine content. However, it does not disappear in the habit of holding a cigarette in hand, to do the tightening, to accompany this process, any action. Accordingly, not solved the main problem - the psychological dependence. As a result, drug experts believe the electronic cigarette is the least effective tool in the fight against Smoking.
The harm of electronic cigarettes is that smokers can control the composition of ready-made liquids. In particular, the Administration on control over foodstuff and medicines of the USA was held to review several of electronic cigarette manufacturers. It turned out that liquids are not specified in the composition of harmful impurities that can cause cancer. In beznikotinovye cartridges some manufacturers were found nicotine.