The composition of electronic cigarettes and terms of use

If you are interested in that the liquid contained in the cartridge of electronic cigarette, you must understand that it is composed of propylene glycol, food glycerol, water, food flavoring, nicotine in the required dosage (or it may not even exist). By the way, all the components contained in the cartridge of electronic cigarettes, is permitted and used in the food industry.

There are many variants of these liquids, they differ from each other in flavor and concentration of nicotine. Initially the electronic cigarette was invented by the Chinese, then the production took over Europe and the United States, and later, as expected, the product began to forge different Chinese.

Whether to use electronic cigarettes

About Smoking electronic cigarettes has long there are many different arguments and opinions, to understand their essence, you need to first consider the main differences between electronic cigarettes from conventional.

Smoke, that is vapor from electronic cigarettes, dissipates within seconds and leaves no smell after themselves either in the air or on clothing. Smoking, or rather "float", as they say about the use of such cigarettes are allowed almost everywhere, but it is beneficial or not in financial terms, everyone can calculate it for yourself, depending on how many conventional cigarettes, and which brand person consumes in a day.

Price of electronic cigarette depends on the quality of the product. For example, a fake can cost anywhere from 250 to 500 rubles, but the cost of originals ranges from 3 to 10 thousand rubles. The price of the container of liquid is about 150 rubles.

If you think that electronic cigarette without nicotine will help you quit Smoking, you have to understand that the process of Smoking is a ritual for the smoker, with the help of this cigarette, the man repeats the same motion, that will certainly help to fool the body. However, the craving for nicotine in humans remains, therefore, specialists recommend to start to buy cartridges from liquid that contains a high concentration of nicotine, then you can gradually reduce it to zero. Thus, the weaning process is almost imperceptible and painless.

If the habit of "ritual" you still left, you may as well use a cigarette without nicotine, just as a habit, but you anyway should be so in moderation and slowly wean the body from this. Most likely, for a long time to fool the body will not work, so enlist the help of cigarettes without nicotine, only if you have firmly decided to quit Smoking.