What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is a new fashion trend among smokers. Very often the gadget for those, who decided to quit addiction, but alone can not overcome the psychological habit. For many cigarette is a real "friend" will help to pass the time, get rid of nervousness, allow extra time to reach the break.
When Smoking produces two dependencies: nicotinic and psychological. The first relates to physiological factors and to overcome her many able. Psychological discomfort more difficult to deal.

Electronic cigarette is the perfect substitute for conventional tobacco products. Is a miracle of technology 3 parts: the cartridge, the steam generator (atomizer) and battery. The cartridge is filled with a specialized liquid to Smoking, then it "hides" in the atomizer.

The batteries of e-cigarettes vary in kind. The gadget can be manual or automatic. In the first case, the cigarette is activated the button and has a lock function that is indispensable for frequent wearing in a pocket or bag. Automatic battery is activated by the usual puff. The cigarette is impossible to block, and she might accidentally make during transportation.

Two sides of the electronic cigarette

Do e-cigarettes have their fans and detractors. One side says about the safety and exclusive benefit of the gadget compared to the usual tobacco products, another is about the equivalent of the harm and the inability to assist in the fight against harmful habit. To dispel the myths decided specialists carefully studied the principle of operation of fashionable technical innovations and highlighting its pros/cons.

An important advantage of electronic cigarettes is no combustion process. As a result, in the process you will not be inhaling harmful substances: hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, nitrogen dioxide, and so you can forget about bad breath and from clothing: smoke from e-cigarettes is usual water vapor.

Electronic cigarette will become a perfect substitute for conventional, if you like not so much inhaling the smoke, and the Smoking process. Your ritual will be preserved, but will be safer for you and others. The advantages include the safety of electronic cigarettes. Your home will be protected from accidental fire.

Of the advantages worth noting the improvement of health. You will forget about the morning cough is typical for many smokers, and unpleasant taste in the mouth after sleep. Also to you will return better able to feel the surrounding smells.
Electronic cigarette will save you from having to carry a lighter or matches. You will also be able to settle in non-Smoking rooms and Smoking in prohibited places: the gadget leaves no smell.

The main disadvantage of electronic cigarettes is their content. The fluid contains many harmful substances such as toxic nitrosamine and diethylene glycol. The first is a dangerous carcinogen, and the second is actively used in industry. Also the harmfulness of the liquid is the presence of nicotine, which greatly reduces the benefit of the trendy inventions.

Recent experiments have shown that electronic cigarettes, there is addictive. The downside of that is the need of self-control in the process of Smoking: the gadget is not completed independently, so a break can be very lengthy. And, as a result, you inhale many harmful substances.